Cute Couple Posters Released for Upcoming “Wok of Love”

So they are totally teasing us with the romance couples now. Is veteran actor Jang Hyuk playing the main love interest or will it be relative newbie singer-turned-actor Lee Jun Ho? Well, only one has heart-shaped food.

Wok of Love premieres on May 7th on SBS.

Credit: SBS, Newsen


  • Beez says:

    I was so excited when I saw the first poster and thought it meant Jang Hyuk was not being retired to the role of second fiddle ahjusshi just yet. But then, I scrolled down to the second picture… I’m so sad.

    But still toning in to see Hyukie!

  • Torpedo says:

    The heck? Jang hyuk as a second lead? To 2pm member? Is this a joke??

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