Teasers Galore for Upcoming Lee Joon Gi tvN Drama “Lawless Lawyer”

A former gangster driven by vengeance becomes a lawyer and uses violence and loopholes in the law to fight those with absolute power.

Cutie Lee Joon Gi plays Bong Sang Pil, the aforementioned lawyer with an impressive win rate. Seo Ye Ji plays Ha Jae Yi, a lawyer who gets demoted after attacking a judge. Rounding out the main cast are Lee Hye Young as Cha Moon Sook, a highly respected but greedy, manipulative judge and Choi Min Soo as Ahn Oh Joo, a dishonest gangster-turned-CEO.

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I have to say that the tone is pretty upbeat for a law drama about vengeance.

I can’t help but melt every time I hear Lee Joon Gi’s velvety voice but that’s not all it takes for me to stick with a drama. I like the chemistry in the little glimpses of the relationship between Sang Pil and Jae Yi we’ve seen and these villains appear very formidable indeed. So there’s enough here to make for an interesting show.

Lawless Lawyer marks a reunion between Lee Joon Gi and his Time Between Dog and Wolf director Kim Jin Min. I loved that drama which makes me feel a little optimistic about this one. It’s written by Yoon Hyun Ho (Remember).

Lawless Lawyer premieres on May 12th, taking over Live‘s time slot.

Credit: tvN, Wikipedia, gunman jg@YT

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