Teasers for Upcoming Intriguing OCN Drama “Life on Mars”

This one sounds pretty cool.

Adapted from the UK series of the same name, Life on Mars is about a police detective who wakes up in 1987 after an injury and must solve a murder case to return to his time period.

Jung Kyung Ho (Heartless City, Prison Playbook) plays the principled, present-day detective, Han Tae Joo. The rest of the cast include Jung Kyung Ho, Park Sung Woong, Go Ah Sung, Oh Dae Hwan and Noh Jong Hyun. It’s written by Lee Dae Il (Bring it on, Ghost) and directed by Lee Jung Hyo (The Good Wife, Heartless City).

Sounds like a lot of fun and pure wackiness. The only problem is he’d have a hard time maintaining these relationships once he returns to 2018.

I’m all for detective shows as long as they are of a procedural nature but it looks like this one might feature one case throughout the series. However, I’m optimistic given the writer’s and director’s previous work.

Here are the teasers:

Teasers are often misleading but I hope it reflects the drama’s tone and we get a good bit of comedy.

Life on Mars premieres on June 18th on OCN.

Credit: OCN


  • nahaluk says:

    In the original, there was almost no time spent in the present, so I wouldn’t worry about it.

  • Beez says:

    I watched the first few episodes of the UK version but didn’t really click with it. So then I watched a few episides of the U.S. version – same results. But I’ll definitely tune in to see what Korea can do with this story.

    Plus, it’s an opportunity to see my girl Go Ah sung.

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