“My Mister” Episode 14 Preview

My Mister has been doing well ratings-wise with Episode 12 averaging at 6%. But all good things must come to an end and it wraps up next week. How do you guys feel about the show?

Credit: tvN

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  • bmore says:

    Stunningly good. One of the best I’ve ever seen. I am head over heels for the writing and acting in this drama. The deepness of every character is so enticingly revealed as time goes on and all of them are just wonderfully portrayed by the actors. It’s the complexity of the psychology behind these characters that has captured me. I find getting to know them very exciting and am dreading leaving them behind. Their hidden pains break my heart and I am rooting for everyone to have a happy ending.

    Jang Ki Yong has been in my eye since It’s Okay. He has that ‘something’, that ability to project intensity, in even his small parts. In this show his scenes are very short buy electrifying. This last episode he was there but a few seconds talking to her and in one sentence distilled a lifetime of loss, anger, pain and ripped my heart in half. I am really looking forward to his first lead drama “Come and Hug Me” and wishing it to be a great success for him.

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