Couple Posters and Trailer Released for KBS Drama “Are You Human?”

Is this really a human-robot love story? I remember watching Zettai Kareshi and fully rooting for the human because I couldn’t wrap my head around her ending up with a robot. It appears that I’d have to somehow get over that here because there’s no pay off in shipping the second lead by default.

It’s the story of an android created to replace a comatose chaebol son.

The trailer:

It’s pretty cute.

Are You Human? premieres on KBS 2 on June 4th.

Credit: KBS, Soompi forums

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  • Indigo says:

    The idea of human-robot romance doesn’t usually appeal to me either, but I guess it really depends on how human the robot is in this particular drama. The premise here actually reminds me of the film A.I. Artificial Intelligence, which proved in the most heartbreaking terms that robots can feel and love. I don’t expect Are You Human Too to have the subtlety of Spielberg, but if they focus on the robot becoming more human in this drama, it could actually make for an interesting romance.

    That all being said, I don’t know if Seo Kang Joon can pull this one off. The whole project seems a little bit too ambitious to me.

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