Teasers and Trailers for Upcoming JTBC Thriller “Sketch” Starring Rain

What’s the best drama to follow a noona romance? A thriller, according to JTBC. Taking over the time slot of popular Something in the Rain is Sketch, an action drama featuring bonafide stars Rain and Lee Dong Gun as well as impressive up-and-comer Lee Sun Bin.

Rain (Full House, Come Back Mister) plays Kang Dong Soo, a detective whose fiancée is mysteriously killed. Lee Sun Bin (Squad 38, Missing Nine) plays Yoo Shi Hyun, a clairvoyant detective who can sketch things three days into the future. They work together to capture a serial killer. Lee Dong Gun (Sweet 18, The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop) plays Kim Do Jin, a former special forces member seeking revenge for his wife’s death. Jung Jin Young (Angel Eyes, Glamorous Temptation)

The teasers:

The posters:

Sketch is directed by Im Tae Woo (Air City, The Duo) and written by Kang Hyun Sung (Hidden Identity). It’s scheduled to premiere on May 25th.

Credit: JTBC, Wikipedia, Soompi Forums, Uploader

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