2-Minute Preview For Upcoming OCN Drama “Life on Mars”

It’s the story of a present-day cop who winds up in 1988 and must solve a case to return to his era. It should be fun watching him work without current technology and seeing which “new” techniques he introduces to his team. It’s probably not that type of time travel show so they may not experience the so-called “butterfly effect” and what not.

Life on Mars premieres on OCN on June 9th.

Credit: OCN


  • Robin says:

    This is THE drama that I’m most looking forward to this summer! I don’t know where it will air (Netflix?) or when, or if it will be captioned (please, please, please), but I will be watching it.

  • CAROL MORIN says:

    Huge fan of American version of BBC original series. Such an intriguing story- can’t wait for this version!

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