Posters & Teasers for Upcoming KBS Drama “Your House Helper”

A drama about a man who does chores? Sign me up!

The synopsis from AsianWiki:

Kim Ji-Woon (Ha Seok-Jin) was born to a lawmaker father and doctor mother. He then went on to work at a big company, but he quit his job and stopped talking to his parents.

Kim Ji-Woon meets a woman and begins to work as a housekeeper at her home. While doing his job, he listens to his customer’s worries and gives advice to help them solve their problems.

Oh, I see. A drama about a man who was born into a relatively wealthy family, had a great job then quit it to do other people’s chores. It’s a Korean drama after all so I’ll take it.

Truth be told, this doesn’t sound particularly exciting and has a Japanese drama feel to it but we’ll see. It’s apparently based on a webtoon.


The show premieres on July 4th which means they need to step up and start releasing more interesting teasers and promotional material. Speaking of which, here are some posters:

So there you have it. A drama about hot Ha Seok Jin (Drinking Solo, Radiant Office) in an apron.

Credit: KBS, AsianWiki, iMBC

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