“What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” Episode 5 Preview

Guys, I’ve been having a hard time starting a drama for a while but this drama garnering 7% ratings for Episode 3 tells me that I really need to give it a shot to keep from missing out on all the fun everyone else is having. So I will (fingers crossed) this weekend. I mean, I really liked Fight for My Way and Healer made me swoon so it’ll be nice to see these two in action again.

Credit: tvN


  • Lorita Bide says:

    The best Korean drama in 2018…awesome..

  • M says:

    The role suits PSJ and he seems to be having fun with it. But I’m not wowed by PMY’s performance yet, I wonder why. She is certainly at her prettiest right now, and her character is written as hardworking, bright and smart. I guess I can’t wait for her character to stop putting that all too bright smile on her face for courtesy sake and finally leave her job.

  • Kezia says:

    Cannot wait for this episode as the previous one ended in a cliffhanger. Wanna know what happens next between these two and let’s hope the rest of the series are still going strong! Park Seo Joon did amazing job with his character – as expected!

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