Super Hot Lee Joon Ki For July 2018 Cosmopolitan

With all the comments on his weight and how skinny he looked during filming of “Lawless Lawyer” – Lee Joon Ki brought out his guns for a pictorial in the July issue of Cosmo! Check it out!

Source  |  Cosmopolitan


  • Teleri says:

    He may have lost body fat – but he’s been hitting the gym, lordy me. Looking so very fine 😀 He looked hot & fit in Lawless Lawyer as well!

  • bmore says:

    Still…I’d rather more weight on him. The loss has aged him and the closeups were very telling. You could see the ridges of bone along his jaw and his skin was rough looking. LOTS of comments…there’s a reason for that. If it is becoming such a topic of conversation, then it’s worrisome. It’s a sign of how much he is cared for that people are worrying like this. Or the everlovin’ moms in us that cannot stop with telling our skinny kids to mani moego! 🙂

    • Maggie says:

      I can’t agree more with you, almost all the comments have a reason and that reason is concern. For myself, I’ve been his fan for years and he has never been overweight, a little bit chubby sometimes but never surpassed the limits; he has never been an inactive person either so his weight loss doesn’t seem necessary nor healthy for me. He’s almost 40 years old and men, in all the world put on more weight as they grow old; what is important is to keep the balance.

    • Ellie says:

      Still, I feel awful that so many people attacked him. It is hard to manage weight. Being told you are too skinny hurts as much as being told you are too fat. I saw many people being rude for shallow reasons — forgetting that he is a person, not an object for their lust. He’s a great actor. I hope he’s happy with a long career.

  • Maggie says:

    Sorry, it duplicated. Admin, could you erase this one please?

  • Rose Pena says:

    Its fine for me, thats the natural beauty of 37 year old without a surgery , he s working out and thats makes him fit and healthy .Love Lee Joon Gi the way he is now and whatever changes it maybe

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