Byun Yo Han For August 2018 Arena Homme Plus

Byun Yo Han, who plays the leading lady’s fiancée in the weekend drama “Mr. Sunshine” has a pictorial in the August version of Arena, check it out! We’re loving this drama so far and can’t wait for more.

Source  |  Naver


  • Ellie says:

    Well, this is your best post of the year. 🙂

    What a gorgeous man…and a terrific actor. I like Mr. Sunshine, even though three men in love with the same leading lady are too many for me. I wish they’d develop the storyline of other women a bit more, such as the gambling sister or the woman who runs the Glory Hotel or the Korean woman who posed as a Japanese hostess. Anyway, these are great photos of Byun Yo Han!

  • Beez says:

    I love the period suits he’s wearing in Mr. Sunshine.

  • t says:

    he looks gorgeous

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