“Gangnam Beauty” Episode 5 Preview

I haven’t checked this drama out yet but I think it has an interesting premise. People often get criticized for getting plastic surgery and changing things that people teased or even insulted them about. So in this instance, changing her appearance doesn’t stop the bullying  – it just changes what she’s being bullied for. She goes from being made fun of for being “ugly” to it being about her being a “plastic surgery monster.”

I prefer this premise to other stories like in Birth of a Beauty or 200 Pounds Beauty because it addresses the hate that some people still get after changing their appearance to fit society’s standards.

At the end of the day, we have to make peace with whatever we look like and love ourselves. But does this happen because Mi Rae starts to see herself through her love interest’s eyes? Or does she arrive at this point a different way? We’ll have to watch to find out.

Credit: JTBC

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  • Teleri says:

    I find it LUDICROUS that so many K-nets go after idols for having plastic surgery when Seoul is THE PS capital of the world!!!
    This girl is getting bullied because of the way she faces the world – true that she learned to do this because she had been both fat (which she dealt with) and an ugly face (sorry, but the idea is that she looked like her father, and that is going to get a girl teased) – she became ashamed of her looks and then just ashamed. Getting PS didn’t cure her self-shaming and that’s what’s causing her to get bullied now. I like when she DOES stand up for herself 😀

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