Who would forget Kim Hyung? The ever charming Kwak Dong Yeon deserves the spotlight of the week.

Most of us are watching him as a Teacher’s Assistant on JTBC drama entitled My ID is Gangnam Beauty. When Clock mentioned the preview, I had to take a peek. Who could capture my attention in a second? No other than Kwak Dong Yeon! Call it whatever you want, I did watch this because of him. Shameless plug.

This year, Kwak Dong Yeon had a supporting role for Radio Romance. I don’t mind seeing him do a cameo as well, like what he did for Fight My Way. However I’d like to ask — Korean Drama producers, what are you doing? I hope someone out there is already writing a KD (Korean Drama) for this man. I can’t wait for him to finally take a leading role. Someday, please come sooner.

I am happy to note he is not the hero in My ID is Gangnam Beauty. Well, I don’t think he took the role to play precisely that kind of character. Yeon Woo Young is a Sunbae to look up to with respect, not someone to fear for. There is a huge difference between the two. I dislike the thing called “Superiority Complex” because it demeans someone as of lesser value. When in fact, your position shouldn’t dictate how people should respect you. No matter who you are, we all deserve respect. I love that Kwak Dong Yeon exudes that quality! The moment you see him, you know he’s going to do what is right, and just. Swoon worthy!

That said, why is he bound for a heartache? Drama, wae?

My heart is already broken as of this moment, especially after watching Episode 6. Where is the justice, people?! That said, let’s take Friday and Saturday nights OFF and witness this phenomenal event. To see it unfold might be the sole cure for SLS too. So help us!

See you all around ❤️



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