First Impressions: My ID is Gangnam Beauty

What to say? Love in this format is the kind I dig! It is uncomplicated with a mix of genuine hearts colliding. This drama is not just about the face value, it is truly with heart. And the love that sees that, you know I’m all in!

Personal Thoughts on Episode 1 to 8:

It is not surprising for me to be drawn to watch this. I’m loving the pace and how the characters are built to fit the concept. It’s a bonus to see that the boys are happy while taking a glance at Kang Mi Rae (Im Soo Hyang). It makes my heart flutter with content. I don’t think my heart will ever tire of having this!

Do Kyung Seok (Cha Eun Woo) has a gorgeous face and that alone makes falling for him the easiest thing. But honestly speaking, what made him attractive is his heart. More than appreciating the beauty he sees outside, he looks at Mi Rae’s heart. For a man to truly be captivated by what a woman is on the inside, he’s a gem! Add to that, he is thrifty. LOL. Actually, that scene was a defining moment for me and it directly hit my heart big time! Dude, I give a thousand points for you are frugal. Though we know why he is like this now. Hashtag, the-boy-who-left-home-penniless. Heh.

Can someone like Mi Rae like Kyung Seok? Why is this even a question the drama asks?! Reality makes the answer obvious. But if we dig deeper, who says we don’t deserve to like someone, anyone for that matter? Love has limits in this case, why is it so? The answer is, because we decide to look on the outside.

I love seeing the contradictions played out right in front of us. Here we have Mi Rae, who has undergone plastic surgery. Again, outside. Then Kyung Seok, who looks impeccably handsome yet troubled and problematic inside. If this isn’t clear enough, let’s add Hyun Soo Ah in the picture. She’s cute and adorable on the outside but dirty and cruel inside. Harsh, I know. But I say that not only because of the way she is with her classmates but moreso with the way she treated her grandmother. That was foul. She is the one who badly needs surgery, both of the heart and the mind. Renewal is gonna be tough on her.

That aside, I’m glad to have Sunbae Yeon Woo Young (Kwak Dong Yeon) here! His presence is so refreshing. No doubt, he’s the one who stole my heart. Damn, this is gonna be rough! #SLS Alert. I already know his pathway by heart. I’m well aware of his ending. The road to heartbreak is evident. I want to hug him right now.

I have not read the manga, and I’m glad I haven’t yet. I find that a good thing because there is nothing to compare this drama with. Surely everyone has their own opinion. I’m watching this with an open heart.

For those who have read the manga, share your thoughts! Let’s learn from each other. Comment down below.

Scene Stealer!

Rainy days are meant for two people. It may have a cold temperature, but sharing one umbrella makes the ambiance warm. I love that scene!

I’ll get a heart disease at this rate. – Mi Rae

Gurl, we already had a heart attack, yet you are still on the way? LOL.

Their love story is starting to unfold nicely. I’m all about the obvious and the awkward stage of dating. Or in Mi Rae’s case, spending the night with assignment on mind. LOL. She isn’t clueless though, but she is simply playing it safe. I love her approach because she has to protect her heart. Expectations or say, “assuming” Kyung Seok is in-like with her might hurt. It’s nice of her to step back, just a little. She better be prepared, Kyung Seok is coming in strong, same thing with Woo Young. Girl, you are blessed.

I’m glad Kyung Seok likes Mi Rae in a different way.

You know how it is when the boy meets the girl, right? In his case, the attraction he had with her begun long time ago when he saw her on that bus stop, happily dancing on her own beat. It left a strong imprint on him that can’t be erased. Even when he finally knows the truth about her plastic surgery, he still pushed through with what he feels for her. His heart is dictating a different rhythm that makes this tandem unique on its own.

Do you grade other people’s faces? It sounds like what needed surgery was your unhealthy mindset. – Kyung Seok

Prejudice is real.

From the get go, this was something that Mi Rae plays repeatedly on her head. She can’t help to compute based on what a woman has done on their face. Its kind of ridiculous, to think that she has undergone changes on her face too. When Kyung Seok brought this issue up, it felt like the reset button has been turned on. I’m glad the show opened this perspective, surgery aside. It felt more like a “mental issue” problem that has to be addressed. This mental issue is more than pertaining to a person’s sanity or a label on crazy. The mind is a powerful tool that when you enhance it with negativity, it radiates in your action and way of life. I’m glad that as we move forward, the mental computation on Mi Rae’s head has stopped. She is learning to know a person beyond what she sees.

I’m excited for the next coming episodes. The love triangle already took its shape. Now that Kyung Seok finally moved in the same neighbourhood, its given that we are going to see high jinks one after the next. You know, when a drama plot forces the characters to live closer to each other, it can’t be helped to see jealousy and love arcs form strongly.

Oh, I almost forgot, heart ache is included too.

Itta bwa ❤️


  • Elena says:

    I like the topic about physical beauty and how it impacts your life. The female lead having this problem is also very relatable and easy to root for.
    However, there is a thing that bothers me a bit. Despite all the social commentary the show has two incredibly handsome guys falling for the girl. Isn’t this somehow contradictory with the show’s apparent message? Like, yeah, they are telling us that beauty is on the inside and if you are beautiful inside you will get the good things, which happen to be the most handsome guy in uni? Somehow it feels that the show contradicts itself.

    • June says:

      Girl are you watching the show without sound? Inner and outer beauty is the biggest theme of this story. Of course there will be beautiful people XD But this drama isn’t about just being an eye candy, but about what being an eye candy CAN MEAN, if you know what I mean? What is beauty? Will the world be your oyster just because you “are” or “became” beautiful? And if it does…should it make you happy? Outer beauty – is that what happiness is about?

      Anyway…I totally fell in love with the plot and the characters. Imo they are very well written without even having them say much. Specially the female characters are amazing. How they are framed is shown in a very empowering way, IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY and I feel carried by the story even if there isn’t anything crazy happening. I just hope that the quality won’t decline…

  • Adal says:

    This drama is my current addiction. Watch rewind replay. Love the social issues it brings up beauty on the inside vs. outward beauty. How you value and treat the people in your lives and folks you see every day. I could go on but I think the reviews did the drama justice. Enough to say, I can’t wait for Fridays and Saturdays and I wish that this drama never ends.

    PS – Psy’s ‘New Face’ is on constant replay in my head. I can’t get the song off my mind!

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