Byun Yo Han Looks Smexy For Harper’s Bazaar

Byun Yo Han is in Harper’s Bazaar and talks about his role in the tvN drama “Mr Sunshine“. We don’t know if it’s the facial hair, the clothing he wears in the drama, the bromance or just his natural charm but we think he’s never looked sexier! Check it out!

Source  |  Harper’s Bazaar


  • Beez says:

    Scruff definitely does something good for him. But that first picture… I have no words but I’ll try: He’d be coming up in the world to be counted as one of the homeless in that “suit”. Nope. Still can’t find sufficient words to describe how that suit makes me feel.

  • alice says:

    whether those freckles are natural or painted, they look really cute on him!

  • thelady says:

    he looks hot with facial hair

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