First Teaser for Upcoming Seo Hyun Jin/Lee Min Ki Drama “The Beauty Inside”

Ready for another supernatural romance?

The Beauty Inside is a remake of a 2015 movie of the same name which in turn was an adaptation of a 2012 American social film of the same name. Let’s just say the creators of the original are sitting pretty these days.

What’s this series about?

Seo Hyun Jin (Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim) plays Han Se Gye, an A-list actress with tons of rumors surrounding her. Probably because people are unaware of her situation – she spends one week of every month looking like someone else. That will definitely get her in a lot of trouble. How does she get out of not showing up for one week a month every time she books an acting gig? I bet seeing different people stay at her place have her neighbors’ tongues wagging.

Lee Min Ki (Because This Is My First Life) plays Seo Do Jae,  an airline executive. He’s attractive and smart but he’s hiding a secret of his own – he suffers from prosopagnosia a.k.a. face blindness. He works through it by recognizing people by their mannerisms (and voices, I’d imagine). But in true Kdrama fashion, the only face he can recognize is Han Se Gye’s.


The Beauty Inside is written by Im Meari and directed by Song Hyun Wook (Marriage, Not Dating). It reunites Seo Hyun Jin with her Another Miss Oh director.

Other cast include Lee Da Hee (Secret) as Kang Sa Ra, Seo Do Jae’s ambitious step sister and Ahn Jae Hyun (Reunited Worlds) as Ryu Eun Ho, a priest and close friend of Han Se Gye’s who protects her secret.

Here’s the teaser:

I can’t be the only one who’s already drowning in their chemistry. These two actors are great at expressing a thousand emotions in one look so I think fans of romance will love this one.

The Beauty Inside takes over Life‘s time slot and is scheduled to premiere on October 1st on JTBC.

Credit: JTBC, Wikipedia

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  • Beez says:

    I’m the only one, apparently, who didn’t care for the movie and I was going to pass this one up. But Lee Min ki? Sign me up. I’m not excited about the number of hours I’m about to invest in this but if it’s the only way a i get to spend time with him… 😑

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