“The Smile Has Left Your Eyes” Episode 1 Preview

It’s the story of a cop and the suspicious man getting uncomfortably close to his younger sister.

The problem with watching this drama if you’ve seen the Japanese original is that we won’t know if the icky element of that story is retained in this version till very close to the end so we have to prepare ourselves for the possibility. Which might make it a little difficult to emotionally invest in the romance.

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes premieres on tvN on October 3rd.

Credit: tvN


  • Teleri says:

    My experience (although limited to only around 10 remakes) is the the Korean versions of JDramas leave out the unsettling, problematic, icky elements so beloved of the Japanese. So while sad may remain, I’m thinking truly upsetting won’t.
    One can but hope….

  • bmore says:

    This article appeared on Soompi and the PD seems to hint at a change in the story where the icky part is concerned. But, for me, there are 2 icky parts…the ending and the reason for that ending and I’m having a real difficult time deciding if I want to watch it or not. But those 2 are 2 of my most favorite actors so I’m struggling. I’m also afraid of the backlash if they totally eliminate those 2 parts of the story. If they do it is kind of pointless to say it’s a remake. I can’t imagine Something Happened in Bali with a different ending…even though I cried myself sick with shock and horror. Never cried so much in a drama before or after…and never want to!


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