Kim Tae Hee For October 2018 Elle

Kim Tae Hee is in the October version of Elle, check it out! Wow, she looks really pretty!

Source  |  Elle


  • Beez says:

    Age looks amazingly healthy. I never thought she was all that beautiful and wondered why she held the title of “most” whereas Honey Lee and Song Hye Kyo were simply acknowledged as “yeah, she’s beautiful” said in a ho hum sort of way. But now I see it. I think KTH was just so very thin before that I couldn’t see past it. She looks gorgeous.

  • Satchi says:

    Love the concept of this pictorial. Very natural and laid back. I love how every features of her face was emphasized. Eyes, nose, lips. 😘

    • Chill says:

      Agree! So natural, so gorgeous. This makes her THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GAL in the world. She is Asia\’s Audry Hepburn.
      Esp when tge industry is flooded with fake, plastic, superficial \’beauty\’

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