“The Smile Has Left Your Eyes” Episode 5 Preview

The ratings are average at around 3% but four episodes in, what do you guys think about the drama?

Credit: tvN


  • Table122000 says:

    I am really enjoying this drama. I like the mystery elements and the acting performances and directing are solid. The cinematography is good too. Seo in Guk is keeping me guessing on the “is he a good or bad guy” and I like Jung So Min and Park Sung Woong as the detective and his sister. I can’t wait to see what is going to happen each episode.

  • AlekaOnu says:

    Annyeong! I like this drama too even though it supposed to be dark and with angst. Main reason why I watched this drama in the first place is of course, Seo In Guk. I just love his acting. I also like Jung So Min and beginning to like Park Sung Woong too. Will continue to watch this drama till the end. Bracing myself for sad ending but I hope Korean version will be different.

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