Series Review: My ID is Gangnam Beauty

Love bloomed. It felt wonderful to see it grow, more and more each week.

Kyung Seok and Mi Rae are the kind of couple that brings fluttery feelings that comes out naturally when I see them. They are both simple yet endearing! A scene doesn’t have to be complicated at all. They just have to be in one shot, together.

This type of story is my cup of tea. I’m glad to say, they got the warmth of love I enjoyed!

Personal Thoughts:

You are just YOU. – Kyung Seok

If there is one message that drama resonated on me, it is this.

Be yourself.

It is simple but a strong statement.

How attractive can you be if you are YOU? Whoever you are, what people see on the outside should not define you. Superficial impression is not everything. Allow your heart and your genuine self outshine everything else.

The boys made me love them more because they are the type of man who was not blinded by love on a superficial level. Yes, they do find Mi Rae attractive. But what they felt for her, as they continue to interact and get to know each other far outweighed everything else on the surface. Daebak.

Before watching this series, I was able to read a profound and inspiring post regarding beauty. This is an excerpt from Joy Mendoza and I quote: “You are more than your physical appearance. Try your best to eat well and exercise, and take care of your skin and body. But remember that the most precious part about you is who you are inside. Someday, the right man will appreciate how you look, but he will, more significantly, love what’s on the inside. So focus on growing BIGGER in love, kindness, strength, wisdom, gratitude, self-control, and goodness. These are the things that make a woman beautiful, regardless of how society tries to define or redefine the way she look on the outside.”

This post became my foundation as I continue watching this series. I’m grateful that I was able to read this post beforehand. The statement was a strong reminder what beauty means. Social media plays an important role why beauty is redefined in this generation. I hope we are not influenced by the wrong stigma that we forget the meaning of beauty. Of course, we all have our own take on beauty. More than anything, I do believe that the beauty inside will radiate more, and will last longer than physical beauty. We must invest on what matters most.

This is where plastic surgery come to play in this series. Is it really bad, like how Soo Ah defined it? For her, plastic surgery made natural beauty a wallpaper because the former stand out more. Those who has undergone plastic surgery are made perfect. Every part is a masterpiece, like a sculpture to admire. In my own opinion, plastic surgery is neither bad nor should be condoned. The show welcomed plastic surgery and redefined it. If you need it and it makes you happy, why not do it?! I don’t see nothing wrong with that. Now, if you have other ulterior motive, you might want to check on it. Purpose makes a difference too.

I’m glad this show opened up a different perspective, respecting both natural beauty and plastic surgery.

The Boys to Men: More than Bromance

I’m glad that show decided to make the boys live in one place. It’s the sweetest thing in the drama!

Woo Young took being a Hyung seriously while Kyung Seok serves him on the side. The brushing of teeth scene was adorable. Even if they love one woman, their respect for each other did not waver. I’m glad that they dealt with the situation in a mature way, arm-wrestling aside. But more than this, I love that show made both parties experience the pain love brings. It was realistic enough because one cannot escape love without getting hurt. I’m glad to witness them survive it. They managed to earn my respect through this.

No more manly brawl! I’m glad that this K-drama trope is finally seeing the light! It’s about time that second leads are not stereotyped as an antagonist. Respect can reign between two men who likes the same woman.

And the bromance? I couldn’t complain. It was pure bliss seeing them in one roof.

First Love: Do Rae Couple

I was naturally drawn to love their story.

I always find myself loving dramas about first love or the extreme kind like in Oh Hae Young Again. I’m never in between. Experiencing love for the first time, realising your own feeling then deciding with your heart are amazing to see unfold. Everyone has their own love story to tell. Mi Rae and Kyung Seok is one for my books. After watching a ton of dramas all these years, it became easy to spot who I care for the most.

When Mi Rae saw how Kyung Seok treated her sister while they had lunch, I knew in that moment that her feelings for him only got stronger, than ever. Or maybe, it was the defining moment why she was into him. Either way, Kyung Seok stood out in that simple gesture, sharing his meal with his sister.

Their love story isn’t complicated, and I love it more for it! It was only a matter of time for love to bloom.

True Beauty:

Kyung Seok’s character represents beauty. He is drop dead gorgeous! It’s undeniable. Not only does he has the looks, he got the brains too. K-drama’s surely knows how to make a lead man perfect. Though Kyung Seok is imperfect in more ways, falling for him is still a no brainer.  I love that he is firm about what he feels for Mi Rae. He didn’t even waiver. Moreover, his inner beauty became his identity.

I am happy that this K-drama showed us that someone like Kyung Seok won’t be exclusive to those who are so called beautiful, no matter how the public defined that. He made love possible to any woman to have someone like him too, a man who sees beauty beyond the image. He wasn’t made exclusive to a mere few, but to anyone whose heart resonates true beauty. That could be anyone, including YOU.

Yes, you can be lovable just as you are. You just need to be true to yourself and someone like Kyung Seok wouldn’t be far fetched to fall for you. A man who sees you for who you are, and love you for it is definitely for keeps.

Scene Stealer:

If I were to choose, I have two in mind and heart.

I took my chances on that one percent probability. I figured I should ask her out to not have any regrets. – Woo Young

One. The scene where Mi Rae and Woo Young talked about rejection and the reason behind it. I cried along in this scene. It was bittersweet, my heart was with them both.

It made rejection extraordinary because it was genuine. You know how it is when second leads are rejected. However, this scene brought about a different feel because Mi Rae thought of Woo Young highly. Just that her heart cannot be dictated and forced to love someone else. It was realistic of her to say how amazing Woo Young is for her to reject. But despite that she remained true to herself, and it was heart wrenching to see Woo Young at the receiving end.

Add to that, Woo Young already prepared himself for this. He knows too well that he’ll be rejected. Damn. That alone made me shed a tear (or more) knowing this fact is bound to happen since day one. My bias heart never fails to fall for a man like Woo Young. I’m sorry that I’m not sorry because I just couldn’t help myself. Woo Young has the maturity and attitude I’d fall for, and the character of a man I’d love to have. But K-drama tropes most often done not, makes them second best. *Double sigh*

Two. Mi Rae’s confession. I know that Kyung Seok was bold to admit what he feels for Mi Rae, and he even had the guts to wait for her. But when Mi Rae finally gathered the courage to confess, I celebrated along with her.

It’s about time, girl!

It was one of Mi Rae’s defining moment when she finally had the courage to say the truth to him. It’s so sweet to witness. Kyung Seok felt the happy jitters, and it strongly resonated on my screen! That’s why, the moment he held her hand.. I immediately want to see MORE. Crazy.

It’s contagious to see Kyung Seok happy and in love.

I don’t want to sound like I’m here to preach. But this drama showed me lessons about love that I want to share because it felt amazing to experience thru Kyung Seok and Mi Rae. The hugs and kisses can just overflow, and I wouldn’t mind a thing.

As this series draw its curtain call, I leave you with this:

No, girl, no. Never be pretty for the sake of being pretty. It’s always in your power – and yours especially – to lift prettiness into your own sort of beauty. – Dylan Thomas

또봐! (Ddo bwa) ❤️


  • kfangurl says:

    Beautifully written, thank you! I enjoyed your review very much, and I too really enjoyed this drama as well. <3

  • balafama says:

    well written .i thoroughly enjoyed the romance .the characters grew on me completely

  • trotwood says:

    Thanks for posting this. I loved this show, too. And because I’m a bit evil, one of my favorite things about his show is that our lovely lead, Kyung Seok, never EVER fell for the lies that Soo-A told about others or herself. Often, we get at least one misunderstanding between the leads that drags on because of the 2nd lead, but he made sure that these never lasted more than a hot minute. He wasn’t embarrassed about calling her out to her face and in public. He was very clear to her how he felt about her from the onset and how he grew to increasingly dislike her the more he got to know her. He read through each of her shenanigans like he was watching the show with us and told her everything we’ve all wanted to say to her type of character over and over again. I also liked that though the show gave her a reason for why she acted the way she does, they never implied that these reasons were also excuses. Too often Soo-A-type characters get rewarded at the end with the 2nd male lead, but she really deserved to have to be alone to work on herself and how to be a friend before actually having them.

  • Padhari says:

    Thank you very much for the review. I am a big big fan of this drama. You missed the point on kyung seok’s mom. We can see her struggles after marrying the to-become politician. How she was not allowed to continue on her career, suffered the drawback of loosing smell and taste buds after physical assault by her hubby. She divorced him and became a CEO. But only mistake she did was she left her children with him. But later there was a reunion with her children and how she saved MR when she was about to commit suicide and support her love with her handsome son. To sum up, she is a very very forward thinking professional lady.

  • Lee says:

    I completely agree with this review. I thoroughly enjoyed this drama and thought it sent a strong and important message that things are never what they appear on the surface.

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