First Teaser for Crazy-Ass Upcoming SBS Drama “The Fiery Priest”

How many people out there have longed for a drama about a violent, ill-mannered priest-detective? I can’t imagine many but we’re getting one anyway.

The Fiery Priest as an upcoming SBS drama about a priest with anger issues Kim Hae Il (Kim Nam Gil) who teams up with a detective Koo Dae Young (Kim Sung Kyun) to solve the murder of an elderly priest. They will also work with an ambitious prosecutor, Park Kyung Sun (Honey Lee).

Kim Nam Gil was last seen in the fantasy drama Live Up To Your Name where he honed his comedic skills… which he must have loved, hence this role. Reply 1994‘s “Samcheonpo” Kim Sung Kyun last graced the small screen in JTBC’s Untouchable and Honey Lee’s last drama role was in The Rebel.

The Fiery Priest (also known as Hot-blooded Priest) is written by Park Jae Bum (Good Doctor) and directed by Lee Myung Woo (Whisper).

Here’s the teaser:

Alrighty then. It certainly looks crazy and you know what? We may not have asked for this but it could very well be exactly what we need.

I think one thing everybody knows about the Catholic Church is that priests don’t marry so it’ll be interesting to see if this drama doesn’t have a romance between the priest and the prosecutor. I’m just saying.

The Fiery Priest is scheduled to premiere on SBS in February 2019.

Credit: SBS, AsianWiki, Soompi


  • Ellie says:

    I wonder if he’s truly a priest or just masquerading as a priest thus leaving the chance for romance. (Insert eyebrow waggle).

    Yes, this looks crazy. But I’ve enjoyed The Last Empress so much that maybe my crazy tolerance is higher than I thought.

  • Beez says:

    ooo oo oooo! Thank you for this! Lately, my sources for knowing about new dramas seems to have dried up (I need to start checking my email but it’s just sooooo overwhelmingly full all the time). But anyway, this drama has the feel of a movie based on that video clip. It looks like fun and I’m excited!

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