“Memories of the Alhambra” Kiss Scene + Episode 12 Preview

A rain kiss!! That’s my weakness. I’ve heard some not-so-great things about this drama but this kiss isn’t half bad!

Episode 12 preview:

Credit: tvN


  • Patricia says:

    This drama is one of the best written scripts to come out of 2018 and I think the leads are perfect for their roles. I haven’t seen the most recent two episodes but up until now neither could have been better. I think this is the best role I’ve seen her in and I’ve seen several of her dramas. I loved him in Secret Garden but omg he’s so much more developed. I really think as far as overall this has got to be one of the top dramas in my opinion. Their characters and personalities match the roles and each other making it a perfect combination.

  • LP says:

    I’m sorry you’ve heard some “not so great things” about this drama. It’s one of the best of 2018-19. It might be that some complain about technical details of the game, or the fact that the female lead hasn’t had enough screen time, but the story is all about Hyun Bin and he is killing it! It does start slow but builds and builds the tension. I’d say it’s a combo of suspense, thriller and horror with maybe a lesson about addiction (to video games). It isn’t one you want to be doing laundry while watching or you miss the tension. And it might be tempting to ff thru some of the first episodes but don’t. Sit back when you have time to totally engross yourself.

  • LP says:

    By the way, Hyun Bin bolds the record for the longest on-screen kiss (Late Autumn). I’m wondering if they were trying to break this record with this kiss!

  • Ellie says:

    This is the most frustrating show to me. The cinematography in this show is exquisite! The kiss is an example of the thoughtful shooting and editing. But I find everything about the hotel annoying. I love the game plotline though. I definitely recommend giving the show a try. Just looking at the camerawork is worth your time. Note: Don’t watch episode 1 while eating!

  • Anne says:

    SJJ dramas are not everyone cup of tea but she is undeniably one of the most creatives writers out there. The drama has some little issues but so far is pretty consistent. I guess it\’ll get more complicated later so we need to wait and see. And i\’d suggest you to give a try, i\’ve heard so many people praising this drama, specially from non kdramas fans.
    The drama doesn\’t follow the usual format that we see in kdramas so i\’m not surprised there a few people complaining about this one but if people move on from the little issues they have i\’m sure they\’d enjoy.
    And the kiss just made everything better, it was so touching.

  • This is a seriously great drama. If someone comes to this drama wanting primarily romance, then this drama is not for them. If they don’t like mysteries or puzzles, and if they don’t like each episode retracking a bit from another character’s POV, then some drama addicts won’t like it. But it is so well-written that i would say to give it a chance.

  • bmore says:

    I am also surprising myself by liking this drama quite a bit. It is just lovely to look at. We are getting amazing cinematography from Kdrama these past couple years! For me, this is HB’s best drama. The role seems to fit him. I couldn’t care less about the romance. The game story is what is so engrossing. Very interesting.

  • Beez says:

    I was very vocal about this drama not being science fiction AND fantasy but I’m happy to say I WAS WRONG WRONG WRONG! I’m loving Hyung Bin and the story. I like Park Hye-shin but they’re not giving her a lot to do besides be weepy and wear baggy jackets that look like she never cashed her 10 billion won. I hope show finds more ways to incorporate her into the story, even if it’s just as a NPC or having her avatar within the game appear more (with more speaking lines). I have a feeling that her guitar playing avatar will hold the clues to everything in the end.

  • Lizzz says:

    This show gets better and better I think. I’m loving how emotionally strong Hyun Bin’s character is. I wish PSH would stop crying, but I think it’s the writing. Overall, it’s an awesome drama. It’s different like how W was different. Do not pass up.

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