Teaser for OCN’s Upcoming Comedic Thriller “Possessed” (Updated with Second Teaser)

Possessed is a drama about an evil spirit that possesses people to commit crimes. Why did I just think of Oh My Ghost?

Go Jun Hee (She Was Pretty) plays Hong Seo Jung, a psychic who lives in isolation to hide her ability and lead a normal life. Song Sae Byuk plays Kang Pil Sung, an uncouth detective with strong instincts and a soft heart. They’ll team up to solve cases. Yeon Jung Hoon plays the villain, Oh Soo Hyuk, a chaebol-type character.

This could be fun like Let’s Fight, Ghost. It’s written by Park Hee Kang (Summer Snow) and directed by Choi Do Hoon (Unemployed Romance).

😄 Okay, that was pretty funny. 😁

Second teaser:

Possessed is scheduled to premiere on OCN on February 13th.

Credit: OCN, Soompi

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