Week 3 to 5 Highlights: Encounter

The long wait was worth it! The second half of the story is shaping up so well. I’m a happy camper.

What I come to love the most about Encounter is the fact that they were able to execute my personal thoughts and opinion with regard to being in a relationship and managing problems. Finally! They have addressed the issues that needs proper solutions. Going away and breaking up isn’t always the best. Staying together is. Kudos!

That being said, I’ll keep on using Encounter instead of Boyfriend for this show. Coz, the former describes it better for me. There is always something special whenever Jin Hyuk and Soo Hyun meets! I’ve always thought why the weekly ending always shows them meeting up. And it made sense to me why they always do! The ambiance of finally meeting the person you love couldn’t be expressed better than whenever their eyes lovingly gazed at each other. The longing, the love, and the emotions feels so warm and joyful.

Let’s savour it more!



His character isn’t structured like a typical second lead, where evil plans are always at bay. He isn’t like that, and it’s refreshing! He is forthright. I love his conversation with his mother and Director Choi. The only thing that is common as a second lead is the fact that they will always be hurting. How many times should we see them look at kiss scenes, and feel the opposite while we jump for joy? There is always two sides in a story.

Woo Suk is a pitiful character. If there is someone whose gonna teach you about LOVE, the best one would be your parent. Since his parents are busy making money and valuing power as a means to an end, he does not know love. How is he supposed to express it with Soo Hyun? I feel sad whenever I see him struggle to write his own feelings, like he doesn’t even have a word for it! Who asks a secretary for words that you should know yourself?! It is absurd. Bringing romance without understanding its essence, sometimes lose its value.

He is a lost character. I hope the path he is walking now leads him to the right direction. I don’t think he’s going to turn evil. But don’t quote me on this. Anything is possible, but I’m clinging to my hope that he won’t be just your stereotypical lead where he’d meddle to destroy a lovely relationship just to get his own happy ending. Otherwise, I’d eat my words. Don’t make me do that, show.


If there is anyone who needs to be a couple ASAP, I hope it’s them. Nam ahjusshi has been playing cupid since Day One, and I want him to have his love too! It is such a relief when Soo Hyun pointed out and mentioned Hye Eun as the “woman that got away.” But, heck with that! There is a reason why she had a divorce. Mr Nam should have been the man for her, but fear and self-pity got in the way.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect than NOW. Those late nights that they spend at a convenient store better produce something. Hear me on this!


I’m not gonna lie, I’m excited about this pairing! I’m also telling my heart to stop beating so fast! I feel you, Dae Chan. LOL

Aren’t they adorable? The flirting they had on New Year’s Eve pretty much describes their relationship in a nutshell. They are both wearing masks, and they are more attracted on the unseen. Gets? It almost feel like a magnetic fusion exist in their presence that keeps pulling them in. It was already a random encounter when they found each other on an online dating app, amidst thousands out there. But what I love the most is how differently they think, and yet the contrast produces something beautiful. Both are searching for love, and I hope they will stop coz love is already present. They just need to think less of their standards (maybe this message is more for Mi Jin), and just love. Period.

The heartbeat feels real. Dae Chan, don’t make it stop! We are having fun seeing you feel it.


This woman emanates what an ideal life should be — living the way you want it. But not all of us will be fortunate to live that life. We struggle to make it happen. Her boldness to pursue it in her life is inspiring and she makes it possible. When you start to gather courage to live your own life, in your own terms, and not allowing problems to hinder you from achieving it, you bloom. Its beautiful to witness.

Soo Hyun’s life growing up with the public is something she endured. She is used to holding back what she feels because she isn’t allowed to express it. But everything changed when Jin Hyuk came into her life. She can freely cry too, with joy and with pain, knowing Jin Hyuk is there for her.


Whenever I look into his eyes, I don’t doubt he is in love. His eyes sparkles so naturally. I believe everything he say is true.

We promised to overcome it with our good memories, but you were worried that I wouldn’t be able to persist. That made me upset.  I’m getting so many texts these days. Kim Jin Hyuk is a gossip topic among my old classmates, and my family is worried. So many different reactions are gusting towards me.  So, do I want to hide from it all?  Or am I hesitating because I’m startled? I don’t intend on doing that. I don’t have a solution but I am determined to resolve it. But maybe I looked weak. – Jin Hyuk

What a man! I love every word he said. I have been waiting for a long time to hear this. He has the tenacity to endure, no matter what. It takes a man to handle difficulties and still manage to have the strength to go on. We don’t have a solution for everything but the determination to resolve problems makes a difference. Jin Hyuk defined that man for me. He is honest about what he feels, and he doesn’t hesitate to say it. Although he endures on his own to unburden people he loves. He is brutally honest with Soo Hyun, though he is also careful with his words.

Most of the time, Jin Hyuk spoke of words that are too cheesy for my taste. But damn, I can’t believe I’m at a stage again that I can let it pass!! Hearing every word doesn’t sound cheesy, but sweet. Really. Its about the honesty and how he expressed those words that I don’t mind hearing it over again. Words of affirmation is very strong in their relationship too. Since he is a man who loves to read, he is well versed with lines to make a woman fall for him. But if those lines are said with a sincere heart, it elevates every word to more than just to flutter a woman. It becomes true. I love hearing these words spoken that way. I don’t feel my heart flutter, as if a man is just teasing. But I hear a man’s heart that speaks the truth. Not everyone can do this. I’m glad that Park Bo Gum is one of those rare men.

Jin Hyuk struggled so hard these past few episodes that only showed me what kind of man he is becoming. He might think he’s weak, but he’s only human. He is allowed to feel afraid, anxious and in utter disbelief. But in those times where he also felt confused, his love for Soo Hyun proved to be stronger. So when he said “Saranghae”, he meant it. And I felt it.

I can’t blame Hye In for falling for Jin Hyuk. She was able to notice what kind of man he is, growing with him all these time made it clear. Seeing those flashback, I’d fall for him too. But why is it not reciprocated? Sadly, Jin Hyuk didn’t see her the way his heart spotted Soo Hyun. Hye In is part of the friend zone club from the very start. It is no fun to be a member of it. Good thing though, she knows where she stands. She will remain loyal too. I don’t find her annoying, either. I choose to call it for the sake of friendship.


I love that even when they decided on that “bet”, hence giving each other space, they managed to stay together apart. Two contrasting words but it works! How? They choose to revisit the places that reminded of them. How can you forget if you do that? The answer is clear, they don’t have the will to do it.

Their love story progressed beautifully. It was a nice pacing where they started as mere strangers in a foreign land, then as employee and boss, moving to friends but not quite, then deciding to start dating. Now after a tough time, they mutually released life is better together.

The trials they had is bound to make or break a relationship. Its great to know they managed to pass through it! They are being pulled away from each other, but it just gave them reason to move even closer. Love it!

Jin Hyuk always run towards Soo Hyun while she happily walks on her own pace towards him. It is very telling of their relationship. They each have their own pacing, and I love that they respect each others time. Problems are meant to be endured. And if you are lucky, you don’t have to be alone.

I am first to steer clear of Noona-Dongsaeng story. But I found myself drawn in this. I know that “age gap” is something so obvious in this drama. But I’m glad to note it isn’t the focal point. It’s not about age, it is love with no barriers, no reason. Soo Hyun and Jin Hyuk love each other, period. They are enamoured by each other’s persona, that is making them fall for each other even more. It’s a love that goes beyond age and physical appearance. What I feel is that both characters found happiness in with other, and that kind makes me smile uncontrollably just seeing them together! This giddiness is very contagious. I smile like a loony, even if they are simply walking together. Its insane like that!

The chemistry is not off the charts, nor over-the-moon-type that will just blow you away! I’m actually happy that chemistry can also be simple, and it still work wonders! Love doesn’t always have the be the crazy, heart stopping kind, like what I’ve felt in Oh Hae Young Again. This one, its subtle, its heartwarming, it simply feels right. I’m glad to witness this side of love too. Lucky are those who found love that makes them weak in the knees and go crazy with. This one, love feels like it elevates happiness. The authenticity of each character is shining more as they love each other while they get to know more of one another.


I’m not going to highlight the kiss. I know you have watched it more than I did. Instead of that, I’ll highlight my other favourites.

One. The end of Episode 5 where both of them met in front of Jin Hyuk’s favourite painting. It is their Day One too.

Two. All the EPILOGUE. Those were wonderful to watch! It’s nice to see another part of the story and how significant it is, even if it wasn’t the highlight. The epilogue proved that everything is planned, even before it begins. How beautiful is that?!

Three. The conversation Jin Hyuk had with his Dad. When he said he is a fortunate son having parents that provided for his education, shelter and food my heart felt the warmth my parent gave for me too. I am also fortunate enough to have parents who provided for my needs, and for loving me unconditionally. I can totally relate with Jin Hyuk here. This scene made me cry just by listening to them. It is beyond lovely.


I want to share a quote from Joseph Gordon Levitt in one of his interviews back in 2009 for 500 Days of Summer. It goes: “Everything is made of love. But, I think what there is no such thing as is the love that other people tell you about. The love that you hear about from movies, or songs, friends, or from your parents. You can take what you want and leave the rest from those notions of love. But there is no love EXCEPT THE ONE YOU FEEL FOR YOURSELF. And it is different for everyone.”

This drama is not teaching me about love, nor redefining it. This drama is actually validating what love means for me, what I know and believe to be true.

It’s refreshing to feel this way! It’s not about finding the meaning of love, but really understanding it the way it is. This is not a fairytale-ish love either. I know it may have that picture, with all the animation. But I see and feel something deeper amidst all that. The characters are realistic enough to think that gossip exists and it can give negative vibes in any relationship, depending on how you deal with it. So far, they have handled everything with love in mind.

I am living vicariously through Mr Nam, as of the moment. I feel him so much, I’m cheering the JinSoo couple the way he does. And I smile crazily like he does. LOL. Mr Nam is too cute for words.

I love it whenever a story goes back to basic. The writer surely knows how to make a love story work. I’m happy to note that she is not changing nor redefining love. This K-drama feels more like refining love to its maximum potential. Breaking cliche and K-drama norms is making me love Encounter even more. I hope it stays true to its structure, until the end.

See you next time ❤️


  • Sara says:

    Thank you so much for this lovely review.
    It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a simple but deep romance. It’s the perfect winter drama for me. After a long day, you just want to relax, drink your hot chocolate, feel warm… and this drama fills my heart.
    There are lots of beautiful and aesthetically pleasing scenes but at the same time there are scenes that you just had to pause, take a deep breath, control yourself and then continue watching again. Jinhyuk’s scene with his father is one of the best examples of such scenes, I’m garateful that you mentioned it.
    I hope Encounter delivers till the end. Then it will definitely be one of my favorite romance dramas.

  • HYM says:

    Hi. I enjoy reading your highlights but I’m wondering if you or your readers can help me. I’m enjoying the paintings in Soo Hyun’s apartment especially the one in the bedroom where the whole painting is of the sky with the back of a person who looks like they are sitting on a sea wall. Another one is in the living room with a painting of a tree slightly swaying in the wind. If someone knows who the artist who painted these paintings, I’d appreciate if you can tell me their name. Thank you!

  • Gles says:

    You nailed it gurl. Love, love, love your reviews. I’m constantly visiting you site from now on. Spread the Love for this Drama because it is one of the Greats. Peace and Love #Encounterfanaticshere #Onlypeoplewithtasteandwitswillappreciatethisdrama

  • M says:

    Thank you so much for writing this beautiful review. I love Encounter, it has so many beautiful and heart warming moments that lingers in my thoughts as I feel it is spring again.

  • Martin J Simwaba says:

    Wow! Nice one @leila. Well said. I like the way you described the characters especially the things you said about Jin Hyuk. It makes me wonder if everything you said was about JIN HYUK or PARK BO GUM?
    Either way, thanks. Looking forward to your other reviews 👍👍👋

    • leila108 says:

      Hi Martin 😊 my answer to your question is BOTH. The beauty of Park Bo Gum is he makes his character a version of himself ❤️ He made Jin Hyuk alive.

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