Fun Teasers Released for Lee Jong Suk-Lee Na Young Drama “Romance is a Bonus Book”

Did I ever mention that I’m a sucker for Lee Jong Suk’s charming smile and soothing voice? If this drama is anything like the teasers, I expect to get sucked right in.

Sigh. 💕

The second teaser:

I know these teasers are simply meant to drum up interest but how I wish they always reflected their drama’s tone because sometimes, the teasers will be a full-on rom-com while the drama is a birth secret makjang filled with dread and despair.

With that said, this is a romantic comedy so it’s probably not too far off. Will our editor-in-chief be as sweet as these teasers suggest? We’ll see.

Romance is a Bonus Book, a drama set in a publishing company, premieres on tvN on January 26th.

Credit: tvN

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