Teasers Released for Upcoming Go Ara-Jung Il Woo SBS Drama “Haechi”

We can never have too many sageuks, right?

Haechi (Hatch) is historical drama about four very different people uniting to help a prince reform the Saheonbu.

Jung Il Woo (Cinderella and Four Knights) is Lee Geum, an intelligent prince who is discriminated against due to his mother’s low class background. Go Ara (Ms. Hammurabi) is Yeo Ji, who’s considered the best police investigator at the Saheonbu yet experiences sexism at work. Kwon Yul (Voice 2) is Park Moon Soo, an aspirant public officer who passionately seeks justice for the weak and poor; and Park Hoon (Memories of the Alhambra) is Dam Moon, a famous clown skilled in martial arts.

Haechi is scheduled to premiere on SBS on February 11th.

Credit: tvN, Uploader

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