English-Subbed Preview for “Romance is a Bonus Book” Episode 3

I’ve seen the first episode and about 10 minutes of the second and I’m liking it so far. I actually also really like the little we’ve seen of the second lead and wouldn’t mind if the story swerved their way despite Lee Jong Suk being such an adorable, loving dongsaeng here. Not that I dislike the show’s OTP or anything so I’m here for the ride regardless.

I couldn’t quite figure out why she’d have to lie about her credentials from the synopsis but it actually makes so much sense. A lot of companies aren’t willing to hire talented people with huge gaps in their employment. They worry that your skills are no longer current but if you were an Excel expert 5 years ago, I’m pretty sure you’ll still be one today even if you’re using a different version.

Anyway, her struggles made sense and I can’t wait to see her rise to the top again.

Here’s the preview for the next episode:

I guess we’re going to get some cohabitation shenanigans. I’m just amused that his house is so big he didn’t realize that someone was living upstairs. Huh? 😀 Yes, he knew something was off but still.

I don’t even know why but this is giving me some Taiwanese My Queen vibes. Maybe it’s something in their interactions? Anyway, I am looking forward to next week’s episodes.

Credits: tvN, Uploader (Puju Channel @ YT)

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