“Romance is a Bonus Book” Episode 4 Preview

I’ve seen the first two episodes and am enjoying it so far. I wish it were completed so I could binge-watch it this cold winter.

Cohabitation cuteness as expected. And I see her pathetic ex-husband is back. Can someone tell me why Korean dramas love giving us adorable second leads whose hearts will inevitably be broken? Because they are going to build up a cute relationship between Cinderella and her Prince Charming and have it go nowhere. Why must we suffer through Second Lead Syndrome over and over again? 🤬

Source: tvN

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  • Ellie says:

    I’m enjoying this one, too!

    For once, I don’t have second (male) lead syndrome. I have second (woman) lead syndrome instead. His protege at the office is so tough but sweet and so lovelorn and hardworking. I hate that she’s going to get her heart broken. The camera loves Lee Jong Suk and he touches my heart in every role. But then everyone in this drama is very, very good, even in the smallest day player roles.

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