Quick First Impressions of “Touch Your Heart” and Episode 3 Preview

I’ve seen the first two episodes and I think it’s pretty cute so far.

Oh Yoon Seo is a once-popular actress who career was derailed by scandals. She’s been out of work for two years and given her controversies and lack of acting talent, a writer she’s previously worked with agrees to give her a role as long as she gains real world experience at a law firm. Her CEO contacts his law firm CEO cousin who’s more than happy to oblige because scandal or not, who’s not excited at the prospect of spending time with one of the actors at the forefront of the Hallyu wave?

Kwon Jung Rok, that’s who. The best lawyer at the firm, also the man who’s now tasked with directly working with her for three months.

Other lawyers at the firm include Choi Yoon Hyuk, a mama’s boy and Dan Moon Hee, a timid lawyer who falls in love at the drop of a hat. These two will probably date. We also meet his friends at the prosecutor’s office, Kim Se Won, a recently returned prosecutor and his ex Yoo Yeo Reum.

As expected, Oh Yoon Seo and Kwon Jung Rok don’t hit it off at first sight. She shows up late on her first day and can’t do simple tasks like forward a call or just hold a stack of papers she’s handed. She doesn’t get to explain that she wasn’t given the right start time nor did she know she was going to be a secretary.

Oh Yoon Seo is a spoiled actress but not a nasty, entitled bitch. She’s pretty naive but thick-skinned and sweet. She’s done a bajillion CFs and loves to reenact them. She dropped out of law school her first semester and is determined to prove her boss wrong by being the best darn secretary there is.

Kwon Jung Rok is also a little different from what I expected. He’s not an arrogant snob who treats people around him like shit. He’s just a serious guy focused on his job. While a little quick-tempered, he’s quick to apologize. He’s also the kind of caring person a friend can count on for a place to crash at a moment’s notice. I erased my preconceived notions of them, much like the two main characters quickly did about each other.

While the first episode focused on introducing the characters, the second laid the groundwork for the OTP’s relationship going forward. I didn’t expect them to find common ground and establish a realistic boss-secretary dynamic so quickly but I’m happy with the surprise.

It’s an entertaining show so far and the only storyline I’m not quite interested in is whatever’s going on at the prosecutor’s office but that may change when I know those characters more. One thing: am I the only one who keeps thinking of sanitary pads whenever they see the company’s name?

She’s determined to prove herself as a competent secretary and he’s decided to give her a chance. How will this nurture their relationship? We’ll find out next week.

Source: tvN

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