Song Hye Kyo on Elle March 2019

This woman is beyond gorgeous! Song Hye Kyo is the new model for a Paris based luxurious jewelry brand – The House of Chaumet.

I’m at a lost for an adjective to describe her beauty. Maybe you could help? Comment down below. 

Thank you Elle Hong Kong and Elle Korea production team, for inspiring us with something wonderful today ❤️ Don’t forget to check out the full issue this March on Elle!


Even in black and white, her radiance gives off a beautiful color. Uniquely her.


Full Credits: Elle Hong Kong


  • miniharker says:

    I’ve missed your pictorial posts. Even if you only put up beautiful Song Hye Kyo’s ones for eternity that would be enough for me. Thankyou !

    • ckphoenix ckphoenix says:

      Hi Miniharker!

      We feel you! No worries, we are slowly coming back. Expect celebrity pictorials in the coming weeks ❤️

      – leila

  • Elle says:

    I did not recognize her. She is always beautiful, but her makeup and hair in this photoshoot give her a completely different look. Very ethereal.

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