CK’S DIGEST: Encounter – 10 CM

Even the distance is significant.

I tend to write and often ask “How close is too close?”. I guess in their case, 10 cm. It is the perfect proximity to define “I’m here”.

Watching this raw, without understanding a word, I simply listened. Even with that, I felt how beautiful their spoken words were!  I knew then how significant everything they said to each other.

Lo and behold, after watching with subtitles, those words were indeed meaningful and heartfelt. I can listen to them, all day.

Soo Hyun, I have a set of coordinates now.



My place is one-meter perimeter around you. That’s where I’ll always be.

It’s nice.

Don’t you think a meter is too far away?

Is that so? How about this then? A distance of 10 cm.

I like it.

It’s perfect.

10 cm is the best.

There goes my heart.

I knew I love this drama since Episode 4. But in Episode 11, it proved to me that it is one for the books. Watching K-dramas for more than a decade now, my taste has changed tremendously. I’m afraid I’d be loving and watching less K-dramas because I became too fussy.

I was pleasantly surprised to love Encounter, beyond possible.

I found myself back to watching raw again every week. Yes. RAW, thru live stream! I decided to watch it raw because I wanted to feel the characters more. When you watch a K-drama live as it airs, the experience is elevated. I am not yet fluent in the Korean language, but I understand just a little to get by with the conversation. When it is raw, I can disregard reading and concentrate to feel the brilliance, or the not so, of an actor. How am I going to understand him if he doesn’t know how to express what he feels? The language barrier is not the issue. It is action. The action becomes more than just acting brilliantly with techniques to boot. It becomes an expression of the heart. And because of that, I can understand and allow my feelings to create its own language. This is why I enjoy watching raw Korean dramas.

I didn’t see Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo in this episode. I saw and felt Soo Hyun. I saw and felt Jin Hyuk. I was looking at two individuals who love each other dearly. I was looking at two individuals who are not alone together. I was also thinking about what drunk in love means in this scene. It felt good to understand and experience it here.

The best part? They were not in a fancy restaurant and didn’t have the most romantic of set-up. But damn! Their words made me feel more than just romance. Who would have thought the meaning of a distance can be as endearing as 10 cm? The writer is into something that wants a love story to be more than just ordinary. A love story that is detailed to express how it means to become close.

Close enough to feel every heartbeat that says, you are not alone.


  • Encounterfanatics says:

    Your feeling about watching it raw is the same feeling and understanding I came to conclude after I read yours. When u r watching it raw u will feel the emotions and you are not busy reading those subbed words below. TbH this is the only Kdrama I enjoyed watching without subbed yet because I watched it with my heart. I will never forget this drama. It is very suitable to put in prints not the script book that I meant for this but a novel and hope there will be a continuation of the story.

  • Linh says:

    Thank you so much for the post. I’m so touched by your words. And yes, I love Encounter beyond words too! Have a nice day!

  • Liah says:

    Oh my G. I just happens to come here and read your post. Like you I love the drama so much and this one always and really linger in my mind. I didn’t see PBG and SHK here but the couple who is so in love with each other. I see Jinhyuk and SooHyun’s pure love. I didn’t watch it raw nevertheless I feel their million times over chemistry. Thanks for the post. I miss them so much and I always re-watch this drama since I downloaded it.

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