Preview for Upcoming Park Min Young/Kim Jae Wook Rom-Com “Her Private Life”

To be quite honest, I’ve recently been struggling a little bit with Korean dramas because I’ve been getting a little bored. I don’t like crazy makjang but I also love angst. And the romantic comedies I was watching weren’t delivering on the angst so they weren’t quite working for me. Will this?

Her Private Life is something I think a lot of us fangirls can relate to – being a sane professional by day and an insane fangirl by night.

The synopsis from AsianWiki:

Sung Deok-Mi (Park Min-Young) works as a curator at an art gallery. She is a huge fan of idol group member Shi-An and secretly runs a fan website about him. Because of her affection for Shi-An, she has experienced several personal break-ups. Sung Deok-Mi now focuses only her job and doing activities as Shi-An’s fan in her private life. One day, Ryan (Kim Jae-Wook) begins work as the new director of the art gallery where Sung Deok-Mi. He was once a famous painter, but he does not paint anymore. Ryan doesn’t have much interest in other people, but he happens to learn that Sung Deok-Mi is a fan of Shi-An and runs his fan website. Ryan takes an interest in Sung Deok-Mi.

When I first read this, I thought: “Is Ryan Shi An?” because that would be a fanfic come to life. But no, he’s just another previously famous person who falls for someone else’s fangirl. Perhaps he’s intrigued by her passion? We’ll see.

Here’s the preview:

It’s nice to see Kim Jae Wook (Coffee Prince, Voice) in a leading, romantic role and Park Min Young (Healer, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?) is always fun to watch so this could be a cool drama.

Based on a novel, it’s written by Kim Hye Young and directed by Hong Jong Chan (Live Up to Your Name, Dear My Friends).

Her Private Life premieres on tvN on April 10th.

Source: tvN, AsianWiki


  • Adal says:

    I’m having the same trouble with my k-drama diet myself. For the past few months, most, if not all of the kdrama content showing these days bore me. Maybe it’s too much of the same thing? I’ve switched my viewing to C-dramas and the cultural & story telling differences are so different as to make my viewing quite refreshing. Now I actually look forward to dramas instead of dreading them.

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