Long 4-Minute Preview for Upcoming tvN Drama “Her Private Life”

This is the only drama I’m looking forward to now and I’m apparently not the only one because this video has over 600K views. Fingers crossed that it delivers.

Brooding Kim Jae Wook with his intense eyes is perfect for a romance because we’re going to be obsessed with figuring out what he’s thinking about. So, so obsessed. I can’t wait!

That idol (Room No. 9‘s Jung Jae Won) has the perfect face to crush on a noona but I don’t know if that’s the direction it will go especially as it looks like Sung Duk Mi’s friend (Hide and Seek‘s Ahn Bo Hyun) might be the second lead.

Anyway, it looks like it could be an entertaining drama.

Her Private Life premieres in April 10th on tvN.

Credit: tvN


  • I can’t lie, but this year has a little bit boring for me when it comes to Kdrama. I’ve only watched a maximum of 4-5 dramas this year and I still haven’t finished half of them.
    But HER PRIVATE LIFE could bring life to my kdrama world, Park Min Young have not disappointed me so far

  • Elle says:

    The first episode was not my cup of tea, but I did ADORE Park Jin-Joo who plays the lead actress’s best friend. It was worth it for her screen time alone!

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