Romantic Stills from “Her Private Life” Episode 10

What do you know? They finally stopped screwing with us and gave us a real kiss! You know a production is milking a couple’s chemistry when they fill dream sequences with make-out sessions.

A quick reminder: they finally kissed and it wasn’t on the thumb! Yay! I can’t be the only person pleasantly surprised that the “misunderstanding” only lasted one episode. But a couple dating as early as Episode 10 means they’ve got a ton of drama planned for us. Let’s hope it’s of the good variety.


Based on the stills, they went to her place after their make-out session. And given the outfit change, he’s at her place on a different day. Which brings me to the most important question of the day: will she open the door and let him into her apartment? Without a blindfold this time… or with, which could be tons of fun.

Source: tvN

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