I expect it to be Ji Ho since day one.

It’s a different story for Jeong In. She was caught by surprise that someone like Ji Ho can change everything in her life, and in love. Ji Ho provided her not only with a breath of fresh air, but a new perspective. She had no idea about the kind of love she wants, until Ji Ho came – he showed it and made her feel a love like no other.

On the one hand, Ji Ho unexpectedly met Jeong In when he wasn’t really paying attention on things other than his son. Ji Ho’s routine will include the pharmacy, and hang-out’s with ze boys. He usually walks with his head down, he’d never notice anyone coming his way. But meeting Jeong In at the pharmacy made him stop and look. His curiosity led him to want more! She made him wish for something other than just a mere encounter. I think asking himself to see her just “once” sounded to me like he’s seeking for “forever”. Damn, I’m writing this kind of words again.

Love looks and feels different when I see Jeong In and Ji Ho. It’s wonderful to note that, while troubles seem to never disappear, love paves the way to help them see things clearly. Love provides them with the courage to go and take risks, in spite of fear lurking on the side.

Ji Ho and Jeong In proved this so well that I asked myself, “Can this be true?”. Apparently their resounding answer is “Yes.”


When we fall in love, must we get into it knowing whether it will be fruitful or not? 

Can we approach love in that manner? 

We mustn’t. 

We cannot be calculating in any aspect, because, after all, we love who we love. 

When one falls in love, it just happens. That’s all there is to it. 

Hence, let’s not wallow in despair, restrain our feelings, or smother the light. 

Instead, let’s try to keep a clear head. And..

And simply say.. “Thank you, God. I’m in love.” 

Every word is so precious, I savoured this moment just listening to Ji Ho’s voice.

To experience this kind of love is overwhelming, to say the least. As I watch Jeong In and Ji Ho emanate this as their love for each other unfold, I can’t help but immerse myself with this love as well. Truly, it’s the kind to be grateful for!

Ji Ho ang Jeong In allowed love to happen. They hesitated at first, but love keeps pushing its way into their life. It came to a point where they couldn’t control themselves any longer. I’m glad that Jeong In never stopped to seek for Ji Ho, despite of Ji Ho’s constant plead to help him move on from her. It’s quite funny how they tried to reject each other, at the same time they are going crazy wanting each other more. Truly love can’t be stopped.

Thank goodness that Ji Ho is the type of man who gives courage and the confidence to face any problem. He makes Jeong In feel so secured, knowing he’s there cheering and fighting with her. What a strong relationship that goes beyond just making your heart flutter. I know that it’s a contrast to the mere fact that everyone watching them couldn’t help but feel this, and more. I’m with you!

Ji Ho isn’t a noble idiot ( of Episode 28). It may seem impossible to have such a character. With Ji Ho, he will always choose to be kind, to be understanding, to be rational, to be patient. He always think straight regarding the situation he’s handling. He’s mature to think of solutions rather than attack carelessly out of anger or sheer defiance. He is so confident with his words, that it sounds piercing even with Gi Seok. He gets angry too, but he’ll never be the guy who disrespect others. I love him to pieces! No wonder Jeong In wants him badly, coz I’d want him badly for myself too. He is confident and assured of the kind of man that he is, and he’s not ashamed of being a single father. He doesn’t take this as a disadvantage, no matter how people perceive this to be. 

Ji Ho and Jeong In developed a relationship where they are never afraid to speak what’s on their mind. I love it whenever they ask each other “What are you thinking?”, they wouldn’t hesitate to share it. It can be as simple as wanting to share lunch together or take a stroll at an alley after the rain. This kind of honestly is evident, right from the start and they carried it through until now. Whenever they converse, I just love to listen!

But what I’ve come to love even more now is, even if they are just simply walking or sitting together doing nothing – in silence, love is present. My heart feels so happy. There is an incredible sense of comfort when they are together.

When Jeong In asked her mother, what kind of man she should marry, Ji Ho showed her the answer. As she gets to know Ji Ho, Jeong In slowly understood the kind of man she’d marry. Ji Ho embodies it vividly.

This love is simple. It is not a fairytale, nor is it set like a fantasy that can only happen in your dreams. IMO, this love is possible! It can happen to anyone. Ji Ho can be any man out there, if they decide to choose to be their truest self. He isn’t part of those K-drama leads that are non-existent in real life, those who are too perfect to be true. Jung Hae In made Ji Ho so alive! Han Ji Min was his perfect complement why this tandem feels effortless and naturally magnetic. 

I expected nothing when I decided to watch this series. I am pleasantly surprised that falling in love with One Spring Night can come so easily.

Stay tuned for PART 2: CROSSING THE LINE ❤️



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