Flavour of the Week: Jung Hae In

This post have to be ignited! Who better bring the spark back? No other than, Jung Hae In.

For most of you who have been stalking this man since Something In The Rain, or way back in Blood, the information I’ll write here are already useless. LOL.

But here’s the thing, One Spring Night made Jung Hae In more than just someone to watch for, or someone to love. His presence is enough to fill every empty spot you might have right now. He surely did with mine! I have been missing something these days and I’m so blessed to have Jung Hae In fill it all in. This love made a bountiful inspiration for me to write again.

When I first saw the teaser of OSN, I was already intrigued. I was full of questions. Who is this man? Why haven’t I seen him before?

Lo and behold, while I was doing my research, I was proven wrong because apparently I saw him in Blood. I was like, “Damn it! Why didn’t my radar recognize him?”. It shocked me more when I found out that he did a cameo role in Reply 1988. Aigoo. However for this series, I forgave myself. Ryu Joon Yeol already stole my heart, I wouldn’t be able to look at any man. Sorry, love.

Fast forward to 2019 – One Spring Night, Jung Hae In finally revealed himself to me. I know Something In th Rain was a huge hit for his career. But I didn’t bother watching him there first. It was a good decision. His character as Yu Ji Ho landed him a spot in my Top Five Memorable Korean Drama Male Lead of all time.

I love how Jung Hae In transformed himself to become Yu Ji Ho. He is so manly, I can’t help but fall for him.

I have been watching Korean dramas for more than a decade. I can easily spot a great chemistry in a split second. A OTP (One True Pairing) doesn’t even have to have a sweet scene nor a classic meet-cute moment. They can just be in one frame, and I will feel it. This inevitable force, magical spark, and mysterious way of how love is introduced needs no further sugar-coating. It simply takes two different individual who can create a moment that speaks to my heart, chemistry naturally blossoms.

Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In is surely one of the few! I can only name 3 couples in my 10 years of blogging that made me feel this kind of chemistry. Not only does it happen on-screen, but more so, off-screen. This two naturally transcends their off-screen chemistry on-screen! It has no barrier. It smoothly flows, that’s why every scene feels natural. They can create warm fuzzies, even if they just stare at nothing together in silence. That is the power of chemistry, my friends.

Shippers are dying for this! LOL. But I’m not an ordinary shipper. I’m very fuzzy. Instead of desperately wishing for them to be real, I’ll be like Yu Ji Ho this time. Let’s all take it slow, and enjoy the now.

I find that a man is most attractive when he knows how to handle and understand his woman. Yu Ji Ho’s maturity and thought process whenever he faces Jeong In’s strong opinions and daring words never seem to faze him. He’s just there, listening with an open heart. He is assertive and sure of himself. I know he has a deep scar from his past, but he strives to survive and work hard for his son. I find that very admirable. Jung Hae In did a great job making sure we can all connect with Yu Ji Ho, not just fall in love with him. He made us feel what Yu Ji Ho is going through. No wonder, we love him with Jeong In. The experience of taking risks for love never became truer the way they deal with it. It was realistic, to say the least. Jung Hae In happily took us there with him! My heart is beyond satisfied.

His good looks isn’t his focal point, but it’s really who he is from within. IMO, that made Jung Hae In stand out the most amongst a sea of handsome Korean actors right now. I can’t wait to see more of him. He has the potential to do wonders!

For now, “Thank you God! He made me feel so in love”.

A bientot! ❤️

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  • Sayaris says:

    Better late than never!

    I really loved his character Jiho. It was nice for once to see a male lead being honest with his emotions and showing them. Jung Hae In was very great to act all these emotions.

    He’s a good actor. He was very funny in Prison Playbook. He was not in the first episodes but he had a super funny relationship with Yoo Han Yang / the Druggie and very touching one with his brother.

    In While You Were Sleeping, he was the cute second lead who doesn’t get the girl. He was the only one who really made me watch this drama because the story was disapointing and the other actors too.

    In Pretty Noona, his chemistry with Son Ye Jin was great too. A lot of persons didn’t like this drama but I really loved it. Their love story was more passionate than in OSN but the characters were more immature. For a first lead role with a great PD and actress, he did really well.

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