This woman deserves more than just a spotlight! I’m glad to be introduced to her thru One Spring Night.

Just a side note, thanks in large part to Eric Mun, I have heard nothing but amazing things about Han Ji Min. I have not watched any of her dramas prior to One Spring Night. However, Eric Mun keeps mentioning her as someone he’d love to work with many times in his interviews. I was intrigued. Her stint on Three Meals a Day: Fishing Village was enough proof that her heart truly makes this woman beautiful. She’s so genuine, I love her for it. Even Lee Seo Jin can’t help but cook and serve her more food!

For the past weeks, I have been researching and watching some of her projects. So far, I love her the most in Familiar Wife. She is beyond gorgeous there. And her acting? Impeccable. She can portray anyone, and she can even have a bad hair day and still managed to look beautiful. I don’t know how she does it! Han Ji Min has the most natural charm that makes her a joy to watch.

I found out that her strength is in expressing subtle emotions that most will take for granted. It can be as simple as the way she stares, or the emotion she gives off when she feels grateful and loved. She can simply captivate her audience’s heart with her sparkling eyes. I also love her bravado! The female lead she portrays have this incredible confidence and courage to go after what they want without hesitations or fear of failure. This makes her so powerful and lovable. It is easy to be convinced and fall for her. I don’t feel any intimidation coming out from her. I guess this is the reason why Jung Hae In trusts her and feels comfortable around her. I can tell that most of her male leads feel the same. The incredible chemistry she creates with every male lead is hard to pull off. I haven’t seen any man who can’t fall in love with her!

Even Park Hyung Sik looks so good with her by his side. And the best part is, I can feel my heart smile seeing her with any male lead! She is truly magical.

She has a charming way of speaking her mind. She is honest and blunt for real, the characters she play is just as natural! Whenever her characters confess their love first, it doesn’t feel contrived and I don’t even cringe. Sometimes it feels awkward to see and hear a woman confess her feelings first, but not with Han Ji Min. Lee Jeong In proposed to Yu Ji Ho and it felt like the best proposal I’ve seen from a woman. Bias heart aside, I think Han Ji Min can get away with any proposal, the men will fall for it and happily say yes.

I can’t wait to see more of her  projects in the coming months! With Han Ji Min, I firmly believe nothing is impossible. She can make any character come alive and she’ll make us fall for her even more.

Moreover, I do pray this woman gets married soon ❤️


  • Vera says:

    I used to don’t like Han Ji Min at all because of Hyde Jekyll, Me but is now her die heart fan. She is one amazing actress that can make one cry for her and laugh because of her. She is truly gorgeous and is a very beautiful person.

    Same here going through all her dramas and movies after watching Miss Baek and Familiar Wife. She is my ultimate biased and favorite actress now. I’m dying to see her again with another drama or movies. I hope she’ll find her soul mate and settle down soon.

  • JangGeum says:

    I knew her from Jewel in the Palace and then Yi San. She was Jang Geum bff named ShinBi. A co-nurse. She had a very innocent character in the drama.

    She has the purest and freshest face then. Her cheeks then were so cute but now she got old and that freshness is gone but she matures beautifully. Gone are the days of ShinBi of JIP.

    I am happy that she becomes a very good actress and get rewarded from being the hardworking person.

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