Lucky NINE

Happy Ninth year, everyone!

Here I’am again feeling grateful to greet you for another year of blogging.

We are indeed the luckiest. Many blog sites have come and go throughout the years, but we are still HERE! Thanks in large part to YOU.

Yes, you!

You who chose to give us time to come and read what we have written has always been our vitamin. THANK YOU!

We can only look back and see how far we’ve been in this journey. Blogging has always been a joy. Nothing compares to the accomplishment of having to create a post and publish it. The act of  sharing is the key. The views we get are cherries on top of that happiness, because our main core is the fact that we have poured out our hearts into writing. Every word is significant, defining our heartfelt emotions, mixed with good sense of humour, whenever a scene in an Asian drama captured our being, putting into writing and sharing it with you is incomparable. The connection we make with you makes it more exciting to write, and continue doing so.

We are currently on drama hiatus. But do not fear! We will come back. We just need this time to refresh and see what we can do more for Couch Kimchi. As we look forward and prepare for the coming year, please be patient with us. #RoadtoTen

Change is coming in this site, SOON. Anticipate with excitement!

On behalf of the CK ladies, accept my utmost gratitude. We can’t help but think of only good things for this site. We hope that you will continue in this journey with us.

As we always say, HAPPY READING ❤️



  • Keike says:

    Congratulations girls! I can’t wait for you all to reach the 10th year of blogging & to many more after. Thank you thank you thank you for all the hard work, dedication and passion you guys put into everything and anything kdrama. Much love 💖

  • samsam says:

    Looking forward the makeover of the vlog. Fighting!

  • Table122000 says:

    Congratulations on your nine years! Here’s to many more! I’ll look forward to your updates.

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