I’m a Korean drama addict who loves indie bands and a certified bookworm. Heh, so near of being a geek BUT far from being one! I love writing, even if it doesn’t love me back.  And just to make sense out of my drama addiction, I decided to write about it and find sympathy from drama addicts out there.

This site will feature a variety of music, films, books and Asian dramas. I am joined by my online buddies whom I respect and admire.  What better way to share favorites but with my favorites too!

Have a seat and get to know us, as we share our thoughts, personal opinions and views about almost everything we find interesting!


Clockwatcher here! I’ve been a K-drama addict since 2004, a J-drama addict since 2007, and a TW-drama watcher from some time in between. I have a lot of opinions and even a lead muzzle can’t shut me up, so, I’ll be sharing a lot of them here.

I think one of the great things about Couch Kimchi is you’ll get to read the thoughts and opinions of four individuals with very different personalities.

So, I hope you enjoy your stay here and remember that no matter how sarcastic or harsh an article might appear, it’s done in good fun.


Like Leila, I love underground music and I love books, which I collect. (Yes, I prefer to kill trees rather than own the convenient e-book reader.) Aside from my passion for books and music, I’m a devoted couch potato/kimchi, and it has gotten worse since being christened into the K-drama world in 2006.

I’m grateful to Leila for rounding us up so that we can share our love for Asian entertainment together. Our authors may not always see eye-to-eye, but it just means we offer insights that are a representative of a gamut of viewers.

Please, do enjoy your stay here. Although full of sleep-deprived fans, it’s a fun community.


*waves to everyone* Hi, I’m tessieroo and delighted to have been asked to be a part of the Couch Kimchi family! I think I’m the youngun’ and probably the most inexperienced when it comes to blogging—read that as noobie—but the other CK ladies have been extremely patient with me. I know I probably owe Goodange my first born because of my lack of technical knowledge. (“I can’t center the picture!” *hehehe* )

Bored to death of re-runs of CSI and American TV in general, I struck gold the day I wandered onto a website featuring Korean dramas and watched my first one: Full House (Isn’t that everyone’s first Kdrama? LOL) I think I actually got to that website by Googling information about Bi/Rain. *sigh* Most perfect man on the planet. *eyes glaze over*

That was in 2006 and I’ve been completely addicted since, even to the point of pulling 30- to 40-hour long marathon viewing sessions (and then being blurry eyed at school my senior year). I’m trying very hard to learn Korean, but the sentence structure might be the death of me (i-geo-mwo-i-ye-yo which means “What is this?”)

I love talking about dramas, and I especially love to hear others thoughts/feelings/ideas about dramas because people generally bring a point of view I hadn’t considered. To me, it’s almost like a book club where we can sit around and discuss or argue about the latest dramas. So, feel free to argue with me or leave me your point of view!


Although it feels like ages, my torrid love affair with K-dramas started only a couple of years ago, but ever since I have binged on what feels like hundreds of dramas. It is hard to say what got me into kdramas, but prior to dramas I was a fan of mangas and animes (and still am). My first Korean drama, A Thousand Kisses left me upset, those who saw the ending may understand why. I wondered if I wanted to continue watching dramas if the ending would leave me feeling the way it did. I watched one more drama, Secret Garden, and now I am pretty much hooked for life. Though imperfect, I enjoy the rich emotions and fun story lines K-dramas have to offer. It is enjoyable enough that I use it for stress therapy since my workload can get crazy, it’s a nice outlet that can be used to simply forget or in the least not over think things.

I am also thankful to the ladies at Couch Kimchi for inviting me to join the team and providing me with a platform to express my thoughts. I genuinely like writing and exploring different aspects of dramas, whether it be Korean, Japanese, or Taiwanese.