Empress Ki

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“Empress Ki” – MBC Makes Changes In Rebroadcast


So…apparently MBC made some minor changes in the finale episode of Empress Ki but didn’t have time to get these scenes filmed, cut, and…

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“Empress Ki” Finale – Everyone Dies (Just Kidding-LOL)


Tessieroo: I have a feeling I’m going to email you on Monday – blowing my nose and sobbing. Rinchan: *Hugs* These words are heartbreaking:…

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“Empress Ki” Episode 50 – Wedded Bliss?


Tessieroo: It’s over? It’s truly over? *sobs* Rinchan: T_T….. it’s been 6 months, 6 glorious months of perpetual joy and insanity. Tessieroo: What are…

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“Empress Ki” week 25 – No end in sight


With only a week to go, Empress Ki has not dropped the pace. This week was jam-packed with so many rise and falls, I…

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“Empress Ki” Week 24 – Abandon All Ships


Not sure if this latest turn of events is the result of being rushed (which equals poor planning) or if this was planned all…

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“Empress Ki” Ep 45 – Persistent Darkness


Episode 45 plunged even deeper into darkness, the downward spiral is unending. What more is in store for us viewers, we have clearly reached…

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“Empress Ki” Ep. 44 – Further Into Madness


We’re getting down to the wire with 6 episodes left. We’ve been hoping the last weeks wouldn’t be rushed but there’s no way of…

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“Empress Ki” Week 22 – What Just Happened?


Reactions to this week varied but the main question was “What did I just watch?” From personality changes to an ill-timed, nonsensical time jump…

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“Empress Ki” Week 21 – Hunting For Treasure


“Why did I make you Empress?” “To control the Imperial House and forge your vision of the future” “And what vision is that?” “A…

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“Empress Ki” Week 20 – A Bit Of Déjà vu?


This week moved really fast story-wise. The Temur clan is out and Ki’s new nemesis has already moved into the Empress quarters. Two former-allies…

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“Empress Ki” Week 19 – Evil Finally Dies


It’s finally happening! The El Temur clan is going down! It feels like we’ve been waiting a very long time, which might explain why…

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“Empress Ki” Week 18 – Oolala Happens


The fast pace and jam-packed nature of this episode has left us in a heightened state, feeling dazed, excited, and giddy. The writers were…

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“Empress Ki” – Recap Week 17


Ki has become El Temur’s number one target but I feel a small victory that it took him this long to even consider her…

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“Empress Ki” – Recap Week 16


This week, wuri Rinchan is taking two important finals so I’ll be recapping alone. I’m sure we all agree that school is more important…


“Empress Ki” – Recap Week 15


Episode 29 is the culmination of all the plotting done in the past episodes. The palace was flooded with a sea of tears and…

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“Empress Ki”- Recap Week 14


This week has brought in another exciting set of episodes. I must admit it left me on the edge of my seat (writers what…

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“Empress Ki”- Recap Week 13


This week’s episodes were so awesome, it has placed me on a high that has circumvented my sorrow from the past episodes. Each week…

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“Empress Ki” – Recap Week 12


This week was equal parts heartbreak, frustration and excitement. Heartbreaking watching Ki suffer and frustrating watching the bad guys continue to win. But there…

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“Empress Ki” – Week 11 Recap


I’ve been involved with this drama since the beginning and have met some truly wonderful people at the Soompi thread but I have to…

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“Empress Ki” – Thoughts on Week 10


I was going insane for new episodes of Empress Ki (and waiting for subs) to the point that I started to forget what this…