Glorious Days

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“Glorious Day” – Finale


I know I’m not the only one who hates it when drama endings are rushed but that this happened to one of the best…

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“Glorious Day” Week 20 – Jealousy Bites Song-Jung


With the Chuseok holiday happening in South Korea this past weekend, we only got one episode of Glorious Day but it was a doozy….

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“Glorious Day” Week 18 – Oh, Happy Day!


I love this drama so much, it just feels good. When other shows get insanely depressing (Temptation), air one episode per week (3 Musketeers)…

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“Glorious Day” Week 17 – Back To Our Happy Place!


This weekend’s episodes of Glorious Day were glorious! With the exception of the continuing annoyance that is So Lee, everything about this drama that…

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“Glorious Day” Week 16 Review – First Signs Of Frustration


Just when I’m voicing excitement over a weekend, family drama and happy about everything (characters, story, dialogue) and where it’s going – a wrench…

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“Glorious Day” – The Men Continue To Be Adorable


I love this drama! I love the characters, I love the storylines and I adore the older couples. Who knew? *kekeke* I’m placing this…


SBS Weekend Drama “Glorious Day” – Midway Review


I haven’t had much luck with weekend “family” dramas, there are usually too many characters and the stories surrounding side characters are only there…