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“Healer” Finale – Things We Like: Ji Chang Wook’s Smile


  I went into this last week with trepidation, worried how it would all turn out and if everyone would be happy with the…

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“Healer” Week 9 – It’s Better Without SubTitles


This week, Healer was incredibly awesome to watch live but when the subs finally came in, I was disappointed. Of course, there has to…

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“Healer” Week 8 – Once Is Not Enough Or Something Like That


The first episode this week was so full of cuteness, I found myself just staring at my screen with a silly grin on my…

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“Healer” Week 7 – The Heartache Has Only Just Begun


  Both the action and romance were elevated and expanded this week, I was on the edge of my seat but moved quickly to…

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“Healer” Week 6 – “Oh, My Love…I’m All Yours”


Apologies to everyone, I’m a bit behind again but instead of being eased in, work is punting me into the New Year. (LOL) What’s…

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“Healer” Week 5 – It Just Keeps Getting Better!


This week things exploded on Healer, with secrets flying at us right and left. I finally figured out that normal recaps end up running…

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“Healer” Week 4 – A Kiss! *high-pitched squeals heard round the world*


OMGosh, this drama is incredible. Some could argue that it’s too predictable or that we know where it’s going but…the way we’re being brought…

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“Healer” Week 3 – Thoughts So Far


Healer is an AWESOME action/thriller, I’m loving it and frantically stomping my feet when I have to wait for subs. (LOL) It’s got the…

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“Healer” Week 2 – Nightmares Of The Past


This drama is awesome! I like that we’re given bits of information in each episode, I don’t feel frustrated or left in the dark…

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“Healer” First Impressions – Great Beginning!


Ohhh…MAJOR excitment! I was pumped about the new drama “Healer” (puppy is back!) but it’s even better than I’d hoped. Of course, we’re only…