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“Temptation” Special – Final Thoughts With Rinchan


I’m not sure what it was about the drama “Temptation” that produced such a huge divide, the polarization was off the charts. I could…


“Temptation” Final Week – Horrible Ending, Don’t Bother


This drama was a nightmare, I’m happy it’s over. And I don’t want to see Choi Ji Woo or Kwon Sang Woo in a…

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“Temptation” Week 9 – Irony And Arrogance Take Over


I didn’t think much of Hong Joo being made the bad guy, it allowed the other characters to shrug off their own responsibility and…

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“Temptation” Week 8 – When Does Hong Joo’s Revenge Begin?


I gotta admit this week left me scratching my head. The writer is continuing his attempts to draw our attention away from the original…

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“Temptation” Week 7 – Don’t Dish It Out Blah, Blah, Blah


I need to clear something up. It seems my recap from last week left the impression that I not only don’t support the OTP…

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“Temptation” Week 6 – Weddings, Firings And Revenge


This week marked the beginning of Se Young figuring out there are other people besides Hong Joo who will be hurt by her dirty…

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“Temptation” Week 5 – Divorce, Parties And Rumors


This weeks episodes seemed on the fast-track as everything happened very quickly. We have a fast divorce and an even faster love-affair blooming. I…

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“Temptation” Week 4 – Can Wives Quit Their Jobs?


When does adultery begin – is it when a decision is made in your mind to give in to a physical attraction? Or is…

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“Temptation” Week 3 – Endings And Beginnings


This drama is getting harder and harder to watch but only because I feel this massive sense of foreboding coming. That doesn’t mean I…

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“Temptation” Week 2 – Twisting The Wedding Rings


Both husband and wife did the twisting and staring at their wedding rings which tells me divorce is most likely the next step. Let’s…

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“Temptation” – First Impressions


I was excited about this drama when the cast was announced but less so when I read about the plot. A married man “gives”…