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“Triangle” – Finale Week


The ending week of Triangle left me feeling empty and cheated – cheated out of a lovely brotherly reunion (which was basically the only…


Triangle recap week 12- Brothers against hit-and-runs and murder in general


After those close to him are attacked because of their connection to him Young Dal goes on the war path. He can barely contain…


Triangle recap episode 22- Who needs Kleenex when you have soju!


Yang Ha shuns his familial relations with his brothers and runs to the bosom of the man that killed his biological father. However, can…


Triangle recap episode 21- Blood ties


In this episode the greater focus is on Young Dal finding out that Dong Woo is Yang Ha. Now the question is can he…

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“Triangle” Week 10 – Finally, A Kiss!


This drama was given a one week extension, apparently because there’s  “a lot of story left to tell”. My own personal viewpoint is that…

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“Triangle” Week 9 – Love Triangle Becomes Love Square


This drama remains frustrating but I’m so emotionally invested in the story of these 3 brothers that I can’t stop watching. Waiting for the…

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“Triangle” Week 8 – Guess Who’s Coming To Work


We were left last week with the horrifying sight of Dong Soo being stabbed. While there was no doubt in my mind that he…

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“Triangle” Week 7 – Lets All Go To Vegas


I have to admit even though this drama plods along slowly, I’m still enjoying it. Of course, there are things to complain about but…

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“Triangle” Episode 13 Preview – English Subbed


Awww, are Young-Dal and Jung Hee finally going to be together? I love that he’s telling her up front that he was too embarrassed…

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“Triangle” Week 6 – Prison Bromance & Time Jumps


This week had 2 of our brothers going to prison and worse, being sent there unknowingly by the youngest. We got the usual prison…

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“Triangle” Week 5 – Forward Movement


The first thing Young-Dal does after saying he’s taking over is phone Jung Hee and pick her up from work in a borrowed car….

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“Triangle” Week 4 – Connections And Makeovers


This week was very slow, things moved at a snail’s pace. I realize we’re only on episode 8 but they continue throwing information at…

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“Triangle” Week 3 – Part Of The Family


Hearing Dong Soo explain how he lost track of his brothers last week broke my heart, that’s an enormous amount of guilt to be…


Triangle Recap week 2- Life’s a gamble


What a tangled web we weave. This week more light is shed on the characters and their connections to each other, and let just…

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“Triangle” – First Impressions


The new MBC Monday/Tuesday drama “Triangle” that replaces Empress Ki started this week and since I’ve been on a schedule of getting up at…