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“You’re All Surrounded” Episode 20: And Life Goes On


Clockwatcher: The episode begins with Pan Seok committing career suicide. Despite knowing that it’s against the rules to reveal ongoing investigations, he plays the…


“You’re All Surrounded” Episode 19 Recap: It’s Almost Over!


Clockwatcher: Yep, it’s almost over but I’ll save my rant about how this drama is a waste of talent for the finale. Tessieroo: I’m…

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“You’re All Surrounded” Episode 18 – Ding-Dong! The ***** Is Dead!


Tessieroo: Dae Goo begins taunting Harpy, throwing the relationship between her husband and his mother in her face. He brings up the fact they…

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“You’re All Surrounded” Episode 17 – He’s The Daddy? For Real?


Tessieroo: At the hospital, the entire team surrounds Tae Il’s bed. Ji Gook wonders how someone could do this,  “they” should be killed. Oh…he agrees…

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“You’re All Surrounded” Episode 16 – The Case Of The Damned Pendant


Tessieroo: Harpy quickly regains her composure, asking who says this pendant is hers? When Dae Goo explains they know it was custom-made, she admits…

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“You’re All Surrounded” Episode 15 – We’re All Awkward


Tessieroo: During that few seconds between kisses, Soo-Sun looks like she’s either sucking on a lemon or smelled a skunk. Tae Il tries to reassure…

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“You’re All Surrounded” Episode 14 – Uhm, there’s something on your lip…


Clockwatcher: Episode 14 is here! I know Yoo’s daughter is a devil incarnate but are we really going with the story that she tried to…

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“You’re All Surrounded” Episode 13 – We’re Here For You


Tessieroo: The rich snobby family who thinks they can do whatever they want, right? Ugh. Are there any dramas that have nice wealthy people?…

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“You’re All Surrounded” Episode 12 – It’s Over, It’s Not Over


Tessieroo: We’re back to Dae Goo watching Hyung-cheol being strangled. So…do you think Dae Goo was all like “Again?”. *kekeke* I’m kidding, this poor…

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“You’re All Surrounded” Episode 11 – Catch That Bastard!


Tessieroo: Woot, you’re back! I think I’m more excited about that than the next episode of You’re All Surrounded! A little bit, maybe? *kekeke*…

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“You’re All Surrounded” Episode 10 – The Thing That Happened That Night!


Soo-Sun smiles to herself, happy that Ji Yong is alive. She starts to text, asking one more question but stops herself, thinking he might…

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“You’re All Surrounded” Episode 9 – Top Secret


*sings* “Love is in the air…everywhere I look around”. Hey guys, I’m all alone this week. Our beloved Clock is on vacation so I’m…

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“You’re All Surrounded” Episode 8 – A Growth Spurt


Tessieroo: This episode’s beginning was all about romance and I loved it! Seo arrives at a restaurant and greets the owner, it’s apparently been…

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“You’re All Surrounded” Episode 7 – That Someone Is Coming…


Clockwatcher: The episode begins with Soo Sun in her tent. She tosses and turns, thinking about the kiss. Tessieroo: The kiss bothered her but…

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“You’re All Surrounded” Episode 6 Recap: The Best Way To Shut A Blabbermouth Up


Tessieroo: The rookies arrest Snowflake, which I guess means you don’t get to spend any of his money. Clockwatcher: Drats! That Birkin bag will…

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“You’re All Surrounded” Episode 5 Recap – Just Live With It


Tessieroo: Dae Goo talks to “S” over the phone, confirming the killer contacted Seo, how could he forget that person’s voice? I am dying…

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“You’re All Surrounded” Episode 4 Recap – It’s Okay…It’s Not Okay


Tessieroo: Stalker victim is alive but critically injured. Dae Goo and Soo-Sun stare as she’s wheeled into an ambulance. Creepy stalker is taken away…

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“You’re All Surrounded” Episode 3 – There Are No Rookies


Clockwatcher: The last episode ended on a cliffhanger. Was the great detective going to discover that he was being tailed by the surly rookie? Just…

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“You’re All Surrounded” – The Reason We’re Not Detectives


Clockwatcher: Yeah, Episode 2 is here. I’m glad we get to see more of our Clueless 4. Actually, Clueless 3 and Surly 1. Tessieroo:…

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“You’re All Surrounded” – First Impressions


Clock and I decided to team up again since #1) she asked (I squealed like a fan-girl) and #2) we could both use some…