Korean Dramas


In no particular order, I have chosen all the Korean dramas that I’ve enjoyed, uberly obsessed of, loved and learned a lot from. I’ve been watching Korean dramas since 2004. It all started when Lovers in Paris was shown in our local television. I only relied on what was shown in our country since then. 2009 came and gave Boys Over Flowers that really changed my viewing habits.

2010 was a very special year for me because I became a Kdrama addict. I certified myself. LOL. I just took advantage of our 24/7 internet server. I’m even sleep deprived now since my time infront of my laptop occupies most of my waking moments when I’m at home. Heh.

So let me give a rundown of Korean dramas I’ve enjoyed all through the years starting from 2004,  that I would gladly recommend to anyone.

LOVERS IN PARIS. “I’m not a Cinderella. I’m just a woman in love with a man.” This is a line from Kang Tae-young that’s vivid in my mind up to now. Her character is adorable and the love between her and Ki-joo is simply beautiful. Park Shin Yang’s performance is one of the best I’ve seen from a male actor. I was completely touched during his break up scene and the part where he played the piano is simply captivating. FYI, Lee Dong-geun is the primary reason why I love second lead guys more than the male lead.

SAVE THE LAST DANCE. Eugene and Ji Sung is such a perfect match! The kind you’d root for no matter what. I love it when the story started moving to Seoul. It is where the growth of their characters and love story begun. When Ji Sung started to live his own life again as Hyun Woo, not knowing Eun Soo, they started from scratch again. Since the heart can tell, they still fell for each other. Ji Sung is so adorable! The OST of this series is love!

MY GIRL. The two LEE! Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae is one of the cutest pair the HONG Sister’s created. Lee Da Hae’s portrayal of Yoo Rin is so lovable and Dong Wook was a dashing debonair! The “lie” theme of their pairing was an added charm in their relationship. Just pure cuteness on screen!

GOONG (PRINCESS HOURS). A stellar performance from Yoon Eun Hye as she became a Princess. She successfully made Chae Kyeong come to life. Eun Hye’s chemistry with Joo Ji Hoon is off the charts, IMO. The settings, the overall feel of a modern day Royal set up was beautiful. A must watch series!

COFFEE PRINCE. Another series from Yoon Eun Hye. From a lady in Goong, she transformed herself as a boyish barista. She plays Go Eun Chan, a bread winner who had no choice but to work in a shop where only men are allowed. I enjoyed her with Gong Yoo. Their scenes are just the sweetest. Eun Hye is adorable and passable as a guy! But honestly, it was really Mr. Voice, Lee Seun Kyun who really captured my heart in this series.

BOYS OVER FLOWERS (BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS). The drama that changed my Korean dramaworld and catapulted Lee Min Ho to super stardom!! Not only did this show spread K-drama virus around Asia, it made every cast known worldwide. Who would forget this? Four HOT guys in one screen. Enough said. Lee Min Ho and Goo Hye Sun are enough reason for me to repeat this to the nth time. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched this series already. I think there’s no explanation why I loved it, it’s illogical. LOL.

YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL. Jang Geun Suk’s adorable face and wonderful singing voice was shown multiple times. Sold. Geun Suk’s pairing with Park Shin Hye is simply sweet and fluffy! Shin Hye became his twin brother and joined AN.JELL. The story focused on the life of a band in showbusiness and how pig-rabbit melted Tae Kyung’s heart. The love triangle is cute. Shin Woo’s character reminded me so much of Ji Hoo (Boys Over Flowers) since it is obvious that he won’t get the girl. And yet he’s always been there for her. Typical story but fun and with heart.

PASTA. The story is simple and the plot has no-frills at all. But here are the reasons why I still love this:

a. Dearest Chep (Lee Seun Kyun) is endearing.

b. The on screen pairing is cute and charming.

c. Noh Min Woo is delightful.

Enough for me.

PERSONAL TASTE. Lee Min Ho. Need I say more?

Kidding aside, what I really enjoyed about this series is Gae In’s weather forecast that’s like her personal diary. I can always forego flaws especially when dearest Min Ho is concerned. The issue of the Sang Go Jae can happily go down the drain. I enjoyed most parts rather than the whole. Watch it since Lee Min Ho is the hottest architect in the face of K-dramaland. His chemistry with Sohn Ye Jin can make you wish to have a roommate like Jin Ho.

COFFEE HOUSE. Perfect 10! Highly recommended.

It IS Kang Ji Hwan and Park Si Yeon’s sizzling chemistry exploding! They are by far the best couple who had the most passionate kiss I’ve ever seen. The story itself may drive you nuts, or I mean Lee Jin Soo. But at the end of the day, you can really learn something fruitful from this. Great laughs mixed with powerful emotions. Simply a brilliant display of talent and a different level of K-drama experience.

MY GIRLFRIEND IS A GUMIHO. If you want to spend one of the best 16 hours of your life, watch this! Lee Seung Gi is lovable and he’s paired with the gorgeous Shin Mina, no more to ask for. The Gumiho myth is mixed with reality making this series a story with heart. Most people I know loves the Hoi couple to bits. I can’t blame them! Not only did this couple show the cutest and sweetest things ever but they had managed to show that the best kind of love is living with that person and enjoying every given moment to the fullest.

SHINING INHERITANCE (BRILLIANT LEGACY). From the start this captured me since I find it very poignant. I’m very weak when it comes to family stories so when Eun Sung arrived having such love for his father, I’m owned! Han Hyo Joo’s character made me stick to watch this 28 episode K-drama. I love grandma’s story of success that made me hate Hwan for few episodes. Though, I truly enjoyed the spoiled brat that is Lee Seung Gi (Hwan), especially those scene while he was working under Eun Sung. I was completely on a laughing spree though I shouldn’t have felt that way. Bad me. I guess, the premise of the show is to teach Hwan what to VALUE. That money is hard earned even when he has plenty; that life is still better even with less of it; that we can enjoy the simplest things and be truly HAPPY; that we can have true value that even money can’t buy; that a person’s character is more important than anything.

This show made me fall for Lee Seung Gi even more. He’s a genuine actor that can make a simple scene uber sweet with him in it. He has this ability to make audience have this “blind spot” when it comes to him.  That in itself is very unique. He has his own pull that can draw you in.  Or maybe I’m just so easy to get! LOL.

SUNGKYUNKWAN SCANDAL. I am crazy for crazy horse Yoo Ah In, forever. It is a sageuk drama, yes a historical set up. It may appear boring, but it isn’t! Moon Jae Shin is on fire every time he appears! The story has a beautiful premise, with wonderful cinematography to boot. The Jalgeum Quartet is love. And KBS even awarded the best couple in this series. It’s NOT Yoo Chun and Park Min Young.

DREAM HIGH. I love that this drama showed we can stand up each time we fall and that mistakes are made to teach us to become a better person. It’s a recurring theme for everyone in DH not only the students but the Professor’s as well. Everyone made a wrong decision or had said something wrong that influenced others like what happened to Kyung Jin and Baek Hee. I love that everyone learned from their mistakes and stood up. Fallen and bruised as most characters had been but they still managed to reach out for a brighter tomorrow.

Dream High is not just about aspiring to be an artist/singer or about reaching for their dreams. It’s about becoming a better version of one’s SELF. Such a great drama find in 2011! And memorable too since Sam Dong (Kim Soo Hyun) and Hye Mi (Bae Suzy) made it special ♥ SamMi FTW!

49 DAYS. Hands down for actress Lee Yo Won as she portrays two roles brilliantly and had chemistry with two actors as well! I really enjoyed the lessons learned here, not trying to sugar coat this series but it was well written and I’m content with the open ending. It must be because I’m a true blue Ji Kyung and Han Kang shipper! Jo Hyun Jae is back from his military service and it’s good to see him again with such manly aura. And Jung Il Woo is simply extraordinary as he plays the Scheduler. I was  a content camper watching this because Kang-ah is LOVE!

BEST LOVE (GREATEST LOVE). I have a soft spot for Gong Hyo Jin and eversince Pasta I find her adorable. Her simplicity makes her unlike any other actress and uses it to connect herself to her character making it relatable. Her chemistry with Cha Seung Won isn’t to be questioned because they have it. But among all the Hong Sisters drama I’ve watched they managed to make me fall deeply in love with its second lead more than the OTP. I have to blame my undying love for Pil Joo because it’s my main reason for watching this. Yoon Kye Sang is the epitome of a perfect guy. And he’s memorable in my K-drama book.

CITY HUNTER. Another hit drama for Lee Min Ho. He’s now paired with the adorable Park Min Young. It’s an action packed drama with heart. Yes, they were able to combine violence with humane bonds that is present on each relationship and pairing. Father and Son is not just present in genes but more because of love. Yoon Sung and Jin Pyo may live in a cruel world but they had managed to fight for their own beliefs. I shed a tear or two in this series and it managed to capture me during times when the story simply tackles on love, family and friendship. It has subtle moments amid the chaotic theme that truly captured me. Lee Min Ho is brilliant as he has never been before. His Royal Hotness made spoon and bottled water the best weapon. He managed to break my heart and revive it all over again with his action scenes! Lee Min Ho is proving to be the most versatile actor of his generation.

HEARTSTRINGS (YOU’VE FALLEN FOR ME). Silence and music are beautifully woven in scenes that can make you feel nostalgic. Here you can experience how scenes are much better without words. Just a smile, just a stare,  just that sound of raindrops can bring you the feeling of comfort and the magic of love.

If you are into stories of youth, watch this. It is a melodrama but you can still simply sit back, relax and feel the love more than words can say. BTW, Jung Yong Hwa is a sweetheart. He surely made me crazy in love with him. Though Lee Shin can be a pabo (fool) sometime, he really makes up for it since his love for Kyu Won is the sweetest thing to have in K-dramaland. The immense chemistry of the Dooley Couple successfully brought to life how good a feeling is having to love for the first time. Also, the OST is love! The songs are awesome! Even the mix of modern and traditional instrument is pleasant. Hear it for yourself.

FLOWER BOY RAMYUN SHOP. This drama is hotter than the ramyun they’ve cooked and served. And I’m not just talking about Lee Ki Woo here, I love him as Kang Hyuk. To be called wifey by him is such a delight! But that aside, Jung Il Woo is lovable too though he’s eccentric and childlike here, Chi Soo was the one who captured Eun Bi’s (Lee Chung Ah) heart nonetheless. This was really a fun watch! The Ramyun boys are a treat and their bonding made this drama worthwhile to finish. You’ll leave satisfied to your hearts content.

THE MOON THAT EMBRACES THE SUN. I love me some Kim Soo Hyun and he’s back being the King of this epic series. To be honest, I really loved the first part more when Prince Hwon (Yeo Jin Goo) fell in love with Yeon Woo (Kim Yoo Jung). I enjoyed the exchange of wit and letters from both. How I wish that they’d stayed kids forever like that. Then again, we have to see Soo Hyun’s acting prowess and be swept again by his charm. Together with the beautiful Han Ga In, both fought fate and made their love stand against all odds. Jung Il Woo as Prince Yang Myung made his presence felt in this series too, loving Yeon Woo all his life. You’d definitely be mesmerized by the scenery and gorgeous set up from the Joseon Era and cry along with Prince Yang Myung. Watch it, Soo Hyun made it bearable, for me atleast.

THE KING 2 HEARTS. Lee Seung Gi is a grown man here, though not leaving behind his quirky attitude that we all love! I’ve never seen him act the way he did in this series. I’m in awe of him more. Ha Ji won is kick ass and made the North Korean accent so sweet to hear. Together they form one Korea, one heart. It is action packed since Ji Won is here, you would not miss her amazing skills even kicking his Royal Highness to the curb. Interesting plot but I think you’d enjoy Ha Ji Won’s aegyo and dance moves more than anything.

SHUT UP! FLOWER BOY BAND. This is such a warm and very comforting watch. I ended this drama having a huge smile on my face that I think will linger on and on. Sung Joon is phenomenal and he became uber handsome to me. I fell for him along the way. The OTP is just so cute for words and I enjoyed every moment, wishing for more! But those two aside, this drama feels like home. You know, that love, that protection and that security, and comfort we feel when we go to a place we can be ourselves? This drama feels more than just a drama. I truly understand why others fell in love with this. It is worth your time and even your tears! It simply hits the right spot, every-single-time. No matter who the character is, you will be drawn and swept away by the emotion they feel. It was so powerful and so moving.

They say that most lessons are learned the hard way. Shut Up Flower Boy Band emanates that thought. The trials are meant for good at the end of the day. Sometimes the pain can really be piercing, as shown by the characters and yet they all became a better man after. They succeeded alone but having that heart of togetherness still. The bond that the Eye Candy formed is tough and you can feel that resonate in their music and whenever they perform together. It feels so euphoric! I would not mind repeating this to the nth time just to feel them again and again and again.

QUEEN IN HYUN’S MAN. The best fusion sageuk I’ve seen yet (as of 2012) I love that everything blends well with the story and we are not just wishing to be back in the modern world all the time. I enjoy seeing Ji Hyun Woo in the Joseon Era as well. It’s my first time ever watching him and I’m surprised that he’s a good actor. His pairing with Yoo In Na is sizzling. Sparks flew everywhere even if they are just staring at each other and far apart. One of the best chemistry on screen, and felt natural at that. I’m always taken aback with historical set up. But this drama just made me cling to it until the end. The writer is amazing! What a wonderful masterpiece yet again from the writer of Coffee House. Hands down, a drama that makes you believe that love works in mysterious and marvelous ways. Epic and oh so beautiful! Another MUST WATCH!

BIG. Yup another Hong Sister’s drama. If you are a fan of the sisters, try this and you’ll fall in love with Kyung Joon in Yoon Jae’s body. Or to make it simple, you will fall in love with Gong Yoo, 100%. Little Kyung Joon is asleep all throughout the series, though I wish he literally woke up in the end and grabbed that umbrella. *sigh* This drama begs us to leave most things to our imagination. So don’t expect much. Gong Yoo’s lovable on screen pairing was made to life by Lee Min Jung. Gil Teacher found her ground and found her true love too. I’m happy she was able to distinguish who her heart truly beats for. This drama is not among my fave from the Hong’s but still enjoyable. Go with what is presented and you’d just be fine.

ARANG AND THE MAGISTRATE. This drama gave me the creeps — both in a good and a bad way. Overall, I still love the feel, the ambiance, the scenery. It brought a different level of experience that I enjoyed. Arang is such a fierce character! She learned how to value her own life and gained the will to take a risk and fight for it. With a hero like the magistrate (Lee Jun Ki), where can this love story go? No limits.

ANSWER ME 1997 (REPLY 1997). Have you ever experienced falling in love with your friend? Are you like Yoon Jae? Or more like Shi Won?

This series directly hits the heart, even in the simplest of ways. Nostalgic, pure, heart wrenching and uber fun. Saying this is an understatement. You will love to reminisce about the life in the 90′s. If you were in Grade School or High School at that time, you’d laugh just like me because I guess it’s one, or if not, the best time in my life. The story was made even more special because of Seo In Guk and Jung Eun Ji. I don’t care if they were KPOP Idols, they rocked this series BIG TIME. They made the friends-in-love theme so enticing. You’d want to grab hold of a Yoon Jae in your life. I suggest you watch this with your friends and your family too! To miss this will be a regret in your K-drama life.

FLOWER BOY NEXT DOOR. Go Dok Mi (Park Shin Hye) isn’t your typical bubbly K-drama heroine. She decided to lock herself in her own apartment, living in her own world. Though comfortable as it may seem to her, the outside world is where she really wants to be. Good thing Enrique Geum (Yoon Shi Yoon) opened the door to help her breathe in life and experience what it truly means to live.

The drama made me love Enrique’s youthful exuberance and his quirky personality. But it was really Jin Rak (Kim Ji Hoon) that I personally fell in love with. Mr Post-it man stole my heart and run away with it. Having said that, this drama has its moments of glory and failed in some. The world of Dok Mi is a familiar ground that this drama illustrated beautifully, just by listening to her inner thoughts added a unique touch making her more relatable. Another winning drama from tVN.

THE MASTER’S SUN. This is another drama that is close to my heart. Its the first I’ve watched So Ji Sub in a full series. He captivated my heart playing Joo Joong Won, the cold-hearted Master that melted under the warmth of a sun, Tae Gong Shil (Gong Hyo Jin).

To find that one person who can take away your fears and who can make you feel alive again is truly special. Joong Won and Gong Shil is like a magnet that automatically joins together. When you force to separate them, the pull they have within is far stronger than any I had felt. Their love story is just like how their first hug scene transpired. It was unexpected. Gong Shil just came in his life, rushing in scared and needed comfort badly. But as it goes along, it turns out that Joong Won is the one needing help after all. His dark world finally found the light its been longing to have.

The immense chemistry off-screen resonated on-screen. It is a delight to see, feel, and hear. Skinship is scattered around, and the OTP’s touch scenes made a different kind of sensation that only the SoGong couple have. This drama will make you realize that waiting for that one special love, is worth it. Falling in love in a series will never be the same again after watching this. To date (2013), the best Hong Sister’s drama for me.

ANSWER ME 1994 (REPLY 1994). This can’t be compared to its predecessor. Though they do have the same feel, nostalgia and amazing attention to detail, this show broke the second season flop big time.

My love for this drama truly owes it to each character who is part of the Sinchon Boarding House. It’s amazing to feel the family bonding and the friendship that was built under one roof. They are blessed to have a home where everyone shared the heartiest meals and have the best support group. The story is more than just the romance that was built within its frame, but moreso it displayed the kind of universal love that truly warms the heart.

It’s my first to watch Jung Woo, the Oppa whose love for Na Jung can’t be quantified, its felt. Though I was captured by his Oppa role at first, it was really Chil Bong (Yoo Yeon Seok) who took my heart and I wasn’t able to have it back. The pendulum swing wasn’t felt by Na Jung (Go Ara) herself but the fan wars surely did. I was literally brokenhearted having to experience the unrequited love the way Chil Bong did. But having to experience his love for Na Jung is worth the tears still.

Watch this with an open heart. Because the love that both Oppa and Chil Bong gave to Na Jung is better seen that way. Highly recommended. If I have to go through Chil Bong’s heartache, I will still repeat this and savor what it means to love with all of you and even learn to let it go.

EMERGENCY COUPLE. Choi Jin Hyuk!! There is nothing more left to say. 

I really enjoyed watching this series because of Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk’s awesome chemistry. The teasers were wonderfully made, its enticing enough not to miss the series. It did feel like much could have been done, especially in Jin Hee’s arc. But that aside, I still had an amazing time recapping and watching this series.

Jin Hee grew from a naive character to a woman who can stand on her own. She was so dependent when she married Chang Min that she felt low not having a life of her own. It is a consequence of not being complete first before entering a serious relationship. The separation was pivotal, it made both character realise that love will always be present no matter what. You just have to open yourself even when you know it will hurt. Watch it, and enjoy the antics! You will definitely love Choi Jin Hyuk, even if you already do.

ANGEL EYES. The best drama of Ku Hye Sun to date (2014). Hands down, what an amazing performance that she has Lee Sang Yoon to thank for. It is a first for me to watch Sang Yoon and I fell in love with him! I guess, the chemistry was so palpable and heartfelt, it was easy for me to watch this and not be reminded it is a melodrama. It felt like a cried an ocean but it cleansed my soul. The feeling was that good!

Yoon Soo Wan and Park Dong Joo defined a love that even if its tormenting, they choose each other still. It is a story of finding oneself and loving wholeheartedly no matter how painful it is. This series is among the most precious I have ever watched. It brought an amazing experience that I wouldn’t mind watching again. Every character is loveable and warm.

We don’t like the pace of walking. It seem that the world today is so fast, speed matters. But watching this series I learned the value of taking things slow especially with love. Waiting can be taxing and tedious. Who has the patience to wait? Dong Joo and Soo Wan have and both enjoyed the fruit of waiting for each other. The essence of “togetherness” is really evident seeing how both endured the trials that came their way that when they separated, we all felt their pain. It was so piercing, you want them to be together again.

This is one of the most beautifully written love story. You wouldn’t mind falling in love and experiencing it. Highly recommended.

MARRIAGE NOT DATING. I can’t believe I almost let this drama slip away! I wasn’t reeled in to watch this since I kinda predicted how it’s going to be and the premise wasn’t as enticing. How amazing it is to be proven wrong?!

This drama is feel good and so easy to digest. I really enjoyed how the drama focused on family and relationships. The most important thing why this became a drama craving was the “communication”. We heard it been said a million times over that communication is vital and I love how the drama gave emphasis on that. Jang Mi (Han Groo) and Ki tae (Yeon Woo Jin) are a perfect example to show what great communication can do in a relationship. They were successful in making it feel organic and relatable. Their conversations were meaningful and delightful, even the arguments. They are so adorable! For them there is no eternal love, only a love they both want to last. Awww.

The transition of Jang Mi and Ki Tae’s fake relationship to a real one worked well, turning a bad relationship to the best one could possibly have. Knowing the foibles, worst habits and dark past of the person you are in a relationship with and loving them despite of that is a true testament of what true love is. You can not just have good qualities, nobody is perfect. Accepting the imperfection is an important part of a relationship. I’m happy to have learned it better through this drama.

Watch this and feel the spark of a love with no pretence.

THE TIME WE WERE NOT IN LOVE. How can you notice if someone is looking at you when you are looking somewhere else? One will surely miss a lot. Good thing Choi Won (Lee Jin Wook) didn’t spent his whole life just being the best friend for Oh Ha Na (Ha Ji Won) and stepped up to be more!

Best friends to lovers plot is one of the best storyline but the hardest to execute. This show did just okay, though I hoped for the best. Well, this show didn’t lack fan service, so don’t be dismayed and give this show a try too. The chemistry is exploding on screen. The 1+1 couple brightened each scenario, whether they are bickering or simply sharing aegyo to each other. Nobody can replace the memories they have built in time. Their memory bank is full of great milestone to choose from.

I fell in love with Choi Won. At first I was so frustrated and mad at him. I thought that with his persona, finally a man was strong enough to fight to protect the woman he loves from getting hurt again. Choi Won was the right man to stop Cha Seo Hoo (Yoon Kyung Sang), though the only advantage he has is that of a friend. But then, he took a step back because Choi Won isn’t the kind of man to stop Ha Na’s heart from beating even if it was for somebody else. Choi Won chose to understand and support Ha Na’s decision. This is Choi Won’s love language. Ha Na’s happiness is more important than his own.

Everything ends well in dramaland! Watch this and enjoy the 1+1 couple fight, kiss and make-up endlessly.

OH MY GHOST. Do you want to know what love is? This drama definitely showed it. I highly recommend it to anyone who just loves the feeling of falling in love and staying in love.

Take the journey with Na Bong Sun (Park Bo Young) as she discovers what it is to love and be loved by Chef Kang Sun Woo (Jo Jung Seok). Their chemistry is perfect and electrifyingly good!! You would enjoy every second of them on screen. Whether or not Na Bong Sun is possessed by Shin Soon Ae (Kim Seul Gi), the joint forces of their chemistry is overwhelmingly amazing to experience. This is the kind of drama that can be enjoyed from start to finish. Don’t miss it.

MISAENG / INCOMPLETE LIFE – Work politics can never be portrayed better than what this series presented. I’ve watched Im Si Wan ever since he appeared in The Moon that Embraces the Sun and his cute cameo in Reply 1997. This time, he showed a different side of him more than just his pretty face. Though I was hoping a love line with Kang So Ra, I think they are still enjoyable as officemates with Kang Ha Neul.

The cast is completed with the addition of Lee Sung Min who made me a certified fan through this drama. He simply brought so much heart as a mentor. I believe we need more people like him in this world. Someone whose tenacity and fervent persona drives anyone with him to become better. He is surely stubborn, yet his hard work is incomparable. Watch this and learn why work is work and why passion can drive you towards a better destination.

HEALER – Just three words. Ji Chang Wook.

Some of you may have more adjectives to describe how awesome this is. But for me, it was really discovering an amazing talent in Ji Chang Wook, I’m swept away by his character. He’s a chameleon who can switch from dorky, to manly to clumsy to stubborn to the sweetest thing a K-drama hero could ever be. His chemistry with Park Min Young captured my heart. It was a treat seeing them fall in love. This is a highly recommended drama to watch. If you like action, suspense and romance, this is a treat you don’t want to miss.

TWENTY AGAIN – Lee Sang Yoon is back as Professor Cha Hyun Seok. You will definitely fall more in love with him, there is no escaping his charms! He teams up with Choi Ji Woo again, truly it is better the second time around. This series is a timeless piece that can be enjoyed no matter what age you are! There is always a special spot in my heart when the past era is smoothly blended in the present.

Add to that, Sang Yoon is swoon worthy! Even if Hyun Seok is grumpy most of the time, his love for No Ra is timeless. This is worth watching anytime.

ANSWER ME (REPLY) 1988I will shamelessly admit, this is my favourite Reply series to date (2016). Even if this is already the third, PD Shin Won Ho did not fail to surprise me. Despite of the heartache, this series is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Every detail, every character, every possibility is once again explored. The trademark of the Reply franchise is unparalleled, every series is uniquely made. All thanks to Ryu Joon Yeol coz he made this series beyond special for me. He successfully brought to life an unforgettable character – Kim Jung Hwan. This is not to say that Taek (Park Bo Gum) did anything less to love Sung Deok Sun (Hye Ri). However, I was hopelessly devoted to Jung Hwan. He was the only one in my heart.

Though this series was never about the husband hunt for me, the heartache I’ve felt wasn’t anything less than what I expected. Prepare your heart once you decide to watch this. You have been warned.

CHEESE IN THE TRAP – Discovering new actors who are not afraid to do something different made this series endearing. The premise brought from the webtoon, added interesting character that has depth I was interested to explore.

Park Hae Jin did a tremendous job as Yoo Jung. There are only few actors who can be both lovable and despicable all at the same time, Hae Jin is one of them. He had an amazing chemistry with Kim Go Eun. Seol and Yoo Jung were tailored to fit. Despite of the drama frenzy off-screen, Seo Kang Joon did a great job as Baek In Ho! SLS is evident, but this time I realised that this syndrome can be less painful too especially when done right.

Keep an open heart and watch something different. Judge it for yourself.

OH HAE YOUNG AGAIN (ANOTHER MISS OH) – As of 2016, this deserves the TOP ONE in my K-drama list of all time. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

As they say, you have to be complete before you love someone. That said, I never thought that love can be found when the heart is completely shattered into pieces. How can the heart mend and be whole again? Park Do Kyung (Eric Mun) and Oh Hae Young (Seo Hyun Jin) proved that real love can exist even in the worse possible state. It all begun with a leap of faith! All it took was for Do Kyung to open his arms and catch Hae Young. From then, he struggled hard not to let her go ever again.

It is the first time that I have watched Eric of Shinhwa and Seo Hyun Jin in a drama series. It was such a delight to experience how amazing love is seeing both of them performing at their best. The chemistry is so intense, I believe it is REAL. Shipper heart aside, to date RicHyun is definitely a K-drama couple to beat! From every touch, every kiss, and every hug they shared, there is an incredibly sweet intimacy no other OTP can possibly have! They are beyond astonishing together! I can only think of happy thoughts whenever I see them both.

Love is defined with no specificity. Each character here has shown love in various of ways. You will discover the amazing talents from the veteran actors, Ye Ji Won in particular. You would want to party all night with her.

Be ready to be mesmerised! Once you watch this, it will be hard to resist repeating it all over again.

LET’S EAT SEASON 2 – Nothing can beat the yearning of delicious food — make that KOREAN FOOD!

This K-drama is plot-free and just entices you with what matters most in life, food. I watched this for the love of Seo Hyun Jin and I happily sat and observed her in awe. She can do ANYTHING! Plus, her chemistry with Yoon Doo Joon made watching the sweetest thing to do. I truly enjoyed their banters. No  matter how opposite their views are, they can sit down and enjoy each others company. They made eating alone a sin, because a meal is better enjoyed with others.

Watch this! Word of warning: Eat first before you watch. Or else, you’ll crave badly and say “goodbye diet.”


Like Leila, these are in no particular order and are the dramas I find myself re-watching from time to time. They are the reason I love Korean dramas.

My Name Is Kim Sam Soon

What can I say about this that hasn’t already been said? I’m not the biggest fan of the lead male character but I loved Sam Soon and just wanted her to get everything she wanted. I loved how honest she was and even though she was racked with insecurities, she ultimately stayed true to herself. I really enjoyed the side stories, the chemistry, and the overall tone of the show. I think this is a timeless drama that can be enjoyed by everyone for a long time.

Reply 1994

This was my favorite of 2013. I initially had no interest in it as I didn’t really like its predecessor, thus, only got into it after there was a lot of noise about it. I found Episode 1 alright but quite meandering so it took me a week to finish it. In fact, I think I watched the first three episodes over two weeks – then I was hooked.

I think watching it a bit late helped me arrive at my own conclusions and saved me a lot of heartache with this one. I found it to be straightforward and sweet with a lot of relatable characters. Certain scenes made me laugh so hard because they brought back memories and a lot of the characters reminded me of friends of past (or present). I think the major flaw with this drama is the length but I was able to get past that because it was well written.  And the acting was so sincere I was invested in the characters. I think this is a drama for those who don’t mind low concept and low conflict shows. It’s a lovely slice of life, coming-of-age show.

Coffee House

This was all about chemistry for me. The romance revolved around a damaged man and the woman who loved him. It started off with tons of comedy then slowly peeled back the layers to reveal a deeper story. This was another one where there was confusion about who the lead would end up with but the story always pointed at one woman. His trauma stopped him from acknowledging his love so the story was about him healing and finally accepting that he, too, was entitled to happiness. It’s also flawed in the sense that things dragged on for too long and the romantic comedy became a melodrama but ultimately, it was a lovely story. At the time, I felt it was one of the few that depicted a more believable, adult story. It also helped that there were no villains here… well, the only “villain” was a buffoon who provided comic relief more often than not.

Yellow Handkerchief

It wasn’t my first drama but the one that really got me hooked. It was a daily drama about a woman whose child’s father ditches her for a rich woman and when she finds Mr. Right, his grandma objects to him being with a single mother. So basically, nothing mind-blowing. There were also other side stories like Han Ga In and Yeon Jung Hoon’s romance that ended in a way that my heart was soothed by their real life marriage. I watched this a while back and have forgotten most of it but I remember being very hooked and since it was the one to make me a bonafide addict, it gets a spot on the list.

Others I really enjoyed include: Attic Cat, Thank You, Dal Ja’s Spring, Delightful Girl Choon Hyang, My Love Patzzi, Master’s Sun, Queen In Hyun’s Man, Time Between Dog and Wolf and Adolescence Medley.