Taiwanese Dramas


Leila: For me, this is where the Asian drama craze all started. Imagine me, watching this show with NO subtitles. Yes, addict much. Who wouldn’t be? We are talking about my ultimate crush, Jerry Yan and Vic Zhou whom I did not know back then. They were simply part of the F4 for me. Just watching them, even without understanding what they are saying, was enough for me to stick and watch this drama until the end. Thank you cable for being my link to watch this in the comforts of my own home, back in the days that internet was mostly available at cafes and or computer shops.

I love Barbie Hsu‘s character as Shan Cai, a very extraordinary strong weed. Good thing that I was also learning basic Mandarin back then that I was able to understand simple phrases like “Wo xi huan ni.” So Dao Ming Si’s confession really brought the scream feast at our house. But it was really Hua Tze Lei‘s charm and oh so warm character that made me tuned in week after week.



Leila: Wu Chun is the next best discovery I’ve ever had! I really find his pairing with Ella Chen so adorable. Without even realizing, I have repeated this to the nth time already, and I’m still having fun even in repeats. The only version I haven’t seen s the Japanese one. But so far, this is my favorite version. Simple, direct and much more relatable. I was confused watching the Korean version, if not for this – and also for Min Ho, I wouldn’t even bother watching the Korean version. That aside, I love how the characters blend well with the ambiance of the campus set up, making it more real.

.. and Wu Chun, I’m so satisfied with him here. That it came to a point I can’t watch him with another leading lady. I just love the spark he has with Ella.

msclockwatcher: I love this drama up till like episode 12 then it started going nowhere till it stopped midair. Who stops a drama in the middle? Needless to say, I was obsessed with it for a while so I still have good feelings about it despite the non-end.



Leila: It is my sister’s favorite and this is where I first met Ariel Lin. Fun, sweet and full of memories ArJoe fans truly cherish.

msclockwather: I love this drama from start to finish even if I thought it dragged at bit. His confession in episode 19 is one of my all time favorite romantic moments and the ending was cheesy but great. I really enjoyed this even if the female character wasn’t my favorite. Nor the male, for that matter. But together, they were great.



Leila: Do I even need to explain further how much I love this drama?? Hands down, the best Taiwanese drama, EVER.

msclockwatcher: It was a joy to recap this drama on this blog. I loved the couple before I saw a single frame because I’m a huge proponent of the friends-to-lovers trope and was glad the drama didn’t disappoint. Even though both characters frustrated me along the way (him mostly), it was a pleasure watching this drama. Recommended.



msclockwatcher: I was obsessed with this drama up till like episode 12. It was truly a joy to watch and their chemistry was great. Then it got so popular that it got extended and that usually ruins things a bit because things  drag. I’m also a fan of the older woman-younger man trope. And they were really funny at the beginning.  Worth a watch.



msclockwatcher: Another good, popular drama dragged to the brink of death. Was fun and good till it got so draggy I stopped watching and skipped to the end. The first half is worth a watch and you can just fill in the rest with your imagination. Great chemistry or maybe I’m just in love with Ethan Ruan.